Google Assistant: Making Life Easier - KEUTEK
Google Assistant Makes Life Simpler: Here's How Life gets more and more streamlined and convenient (for many), every day. New technology is incorporated into our smart phones, speakers, homes, cars, and anything digital on a regular basis. Artificial Intelligence gets...
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Samsung's New Foldable Phone: Rumor Mill - KEUTEK
New Year, New Phones! Upcoming Samsung Phones As the new year rolls out, tech companies are not slowing down in the development of new products! Samsung is expected to release an exciting new foldable phone on February 11. Since Motorola...
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Year in Review: 2019's Best Tech - KEUTEK
New Year, New Tech The year is finally over and a lot of things have changed in the world of technology. From brand new cellphones, to virtual reality gaming, and even to data processing, 2019 made significant strides in terms...
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