Microsoft revealed their new Xbox Series X and it is POWERFUL!

Microsoft revealed their new Xbox Series X and it is POWERFUL! - KEUTEK

Get ready for the new Xbox! The Console War is here!

Last night at the Game Awards, Microsoft revealed the next generation of Xbox, and it is quite impressive. While some of the information about them is still "under wraps", here is what we know about it now that the reveal has occurred. 


Xbox Series X KEUTEK

The spec information we have is mostly based on what the rumor mill has released and on word of mouth, however it can be assumed that most of the information is spot on.

While lacking some details about specifics Microsoft has released some information about the capabilities of this new console. According to Microsoft, the Xbox Series X is going to be the worlds most powerful console. 

  • CPU: 8-core targeting around 3.5 GHz.
  • GPU: Xbox Series X GPU and custom processor.
  • Compute Power: 12 TFLOPS.
  • RAM: 13 GB for games, 3 GB for operating system (16 GB total).
  • Storage: Custom non-volatile memory express solid-state storage (NVMe SSD).

This console is supposed to be able to run at 120 FPS and have support for Variable Refresh Rate, at 8K levels. VRR is a dynamic rendering system that allows for much more natural looking light, and allows for more realistic shadows. There are some pretty amazing clips online showing the way the light changes with motion on the platform. 

Microsoft said in a statement that they wanted to have a "Dramatic upgrade" from the previous Xbox models, and they delivered on that promise. Compared to the original Xbox One, the Series X is 6 times as powerful, and compared to the Xboxb One X, twice as powerful.

This console is supposed to essentially eliminate load times, and have an incredible amount of computing power. 


Xbox Series X Next Gen Console KEUTEK

Xbox Series X is slated to cost $499 at launch, according to rumors and past releases. The actual price of the Xbox Series X will be revealed later in the year, as Sony is releasing the PlayStation 5 next year as well. 

It is rumored that Microsoft may release a less expensive version of the Xbox Series X, but that is strictly hearsay. 

The controllers with this new box will be very similar to the Elite 2 controllers and have the ability to be used on PC. They will have an advanced D-pad, and a share button to make captures and sharing much easier than in the past. 

Accessories and games from previous Xbox consoles will be compatible with the new Xbox Series X, which is a welcomed feature by gamers everywhere.  

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