Best Tech for Thanksgiving - KEUTEK

Best Tech for Thanksgiving - KEUTEK - KEUTEK

Halloween is Past, Now Pass the Turkey!

The aroma of the turkey coming out of the oven. Your family sitting around the table, with a huge spread of food. The red, orange, and gold leaves litter your yard. It's Thanksgiving, and here are a few amazing gadgets to add to your nostalgia and help you win the day! 


Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaner KETUEK

The Grillbot automatic grill cleaner is like a Roomba, but for your grill. This gadget is easy to use, with a push button start. You can use it before or after you grill as well. The wire brushes for the Grillbot are removable for easy cleaning, and can be replaced easily, too. There are 3 strong electric motors, all powered by a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. It also works on a timer, and will run for 10,20, or 30 minutes. This little guy packs a punch, and makes grilling so much easier.

Weber iGrill 2 Complete Master Kit 

Weber Grillmaster Kit KEUTEK

This kit makes grilling even easier! When you are busy running around, you can keep track of the food on the grill right from your phone. There are 4 temperature nodes that you leave inserted into the meat to track the interior temperature of the food, and sends the data to your phone. There is about 150 feet of range via Bluetooth, so you can leave the grill. The kit comes with multiple recipes, 200 hour battery life, magnetic mounting, and alarms for when your food reaches the desired temperatures.

Rotato Express Electric Peeler by Starfrit 

Rotato Potato Peeler KEUTEK

Say goodbye to the traditional way to peel vegetables and fruits! The Rotato electric peeler is an automatic peeler that is super simple to use. All you have to do is, place your potato or whatever you are peeling, onto the spokes, set the blade near it, and press the button! The machine will rotate the potato, and the automatic arm will adjust to the width of it, presenting a perfectly peeled potato! It even comes with a small scoop for the potato eyes. The Rotato has storage in the base for 4 spare blades, batteries, and the thumb knife for eyes. 

No matter how many people you plan on hosting this holiday, any of these useful gadgets will make it super easy for you to prepare! Not only do they make your job easier, but they also free up time for you to be able to interact with your loved ones and enjoy your time together, rather than just sweating over the stove in the kitchen. After all, what is Thanksgiving for, other than family?

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