6 Best Tech Gifts To Pick Up While Holiday Shopping

6 Best Tech Gifts To Pick Up While Holiday Shopping - KEUTEK

6 Tech Gifts For The Entire Family

When it comes to holiday shopping, it can be difficult to find that perfect gift. Some people just seem to have everything. Others are hard to find something that they would like or use. Maybe it is someone you don't know very well so it is hard to guess what they would like. Here are some ideas that could apply to various people with various lifestyles. Many of these are even great if they already have one because more means better accessibility. 


6 Best Tech Gifts To Pick Up While Holiday Shopping - Amazon Echo - KEUTEK

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echos is one of the greatest gadgets to own at home. This smart device can play music, set timers, read the news and weather, and so much more. The best part is that it is all controlled by your voice. Ask it a question, it will give you an answer. You can even control your lights, speakers, T.V., and other devices with it as long as you have smart plugs/controls for them. This is a device that is great to have several of as well. Have on in the living room to control your electronics. Put another one in your kitchen to set timers and read you the news while you have your morning coffee. You can even put one in your bedroom to set alarms, or one in the bathroom to listen to music while you get ready. 


6 Best Tech Gifts To Pick Up While Holiday Shopping - Instant Pot - KEUTEK

Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is your all-in-one cooking device. It functions as 8 appliances in one, including a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer and warmer. It also works as a rice or porridge maker, yogurt maker, cake maker, and saute/searing device. With models coming in 6 quart, for families, or 8 quart for large batches, it is big enough to meet your needs. It has a simple 15-button interface, allowing you to program cooking times manually, or use presets for different recipes. There is even a smart model that connects to your WiFi, allowing you to control your cooking from the couch or on the go. This is great for a person with any level of cooking expertise. Whether that be an aspiring chef or someone who can barely cook. 


6 Best Tech Gifts To Pick Up While Holiday Shopping - Magnetic Charging Cable - KEUTEK

KEUTEK Magnetic Charging Cable

The Keutek magnetic charging cable is your multi purpose charging cable for all of your devices. The magnetic tips come in three different plug styles; USB-C, Micro USB and Lightning. The magnetic cord universally attaches to all of them. Simply put the connection tip in the device, and put the magnetic cable end near it. The magnet will draw to the device, connect, and your device begins charging. You can get multiple tips for all of your devices. Leaving the tip attached to your device also prevents debris, dirt, lint and moisture from getting into your devices charging ports. This handy cable also handle 3 amp current, allow for fast charging. For maximum charging speeds, pair this with the Keutek 18 watt USB block. Choose from Magma Red or Carbon Black. 


6 Best Tech Gifts To Pick Up While Holiday Shopping - Ember Smart Mug - KEUTEK

Ember Smart Temperature Control Mug

This 14 ounce capacity mug is great for coffee or tea drinkers. Do you often find your hot beverage either too hot to drink or to cold to enjoy? With the Ember Smart Mug, you can set the specific temperature that you prefer your beverage. The mug has an hour battery life per charge. It also has a charging base that you can keep at your desk, or on your end-table. This allows you to get up and move around, keeping your drink warm until you return to the charging base. Set your temperature between 120°F and 145°F. Even better is that you can control this temperature from your smart phone, allowing you to create presets and receive alerts when your battery is running low. Avoid drinking the dreaded cold coffee when you forget about it. 


6 Best Tech Gifts To Pick Up While Holiday Shopping - Oculus Go - KEUTEK

Oculus Go VR Headset

This virtual reality headset allows you to experience things in a new light. Watch movies in 3-D, play immersive game, or simply go exploring a nature park that is thousands of miles away. There are a number of apps that you can download for different experiences. For example, the NBA has an app where you can put yourself court-side at a game and watch in real time. Another app allows you to simulate being on a roller-coaster. An ergonomic, one handed controller allows you to control the device, or interact within the apps. The possibilities are endless in a virtual world. There are apps for people of all ages. 


6 Best Tech Gifts To Pick Up While Holiday Shopping - Backslash Smart Mat - KEUTEK

Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat

This smart yoga mat will change your exercise experience forever. The mat features a non-slip comfort coating on the top with cushioning on the bottom to protect your elbows and knees. The bottom layer also features a non-slip coating to keep your mat planted firmly on the ground. It also has an interlock technology built in that allows you to roll up the mat by simply flipping it over. No more need for a strap or a bag to prevent your mat from unrolling on you. It also connects to your Amazon Echo through the Women's Health Yoga app on your smart phone. Essentially you get a personal instructor with you while you exercise. This is a must have for any yoga enthusiast. 

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