Black Friday is near. What are the best gifts out there? - KEUTEK

Black Friday is near. What are the best gifts out there? - KEUTEK - KEUTEK

The ultimate Black Friday gift guide- Best Tech

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, families will be together once again, enjoying each others' company, and eating copious amounts of food. Many homes will be filled with the laughter of children, the hum of conversation, football, and music. It seems as though people will be able to forget the worries of life for a short time. 

With all of the joy and relaxation that goes with Thanksgiving day, there is another unsung holiday looming in the dark immediately following the moment the turkey naps conclude: Black Friday. Shoppers get up at the crack of dawn and brave the hordes of others racing to get the best deals on the gifts they want to buy for Christmas, at ridiculously low costs, in most cases.

At KEUTEK, we care about your safety, so we have compiled a list of fantastic tech gifts that you can get your loved ones for Christmas, without putting your life on the line!

3A Magnetic Phone Chargers with Quick-Charge  

Tired of fumbling around with all sorts of different charging cords, cables, and bricks? KEUTEK has one of the most powerful, most efficient, and most convenient chargers on the market! Your loved ones will not need multiple chargers for their devices. In stead, they can use the same charging cable across all different devices by simply getting the corresponding tip for each, and using the same KEUTEK charger for each. Tips come in Lightning (Apple), Type-C, and Micro USB formats. The charging cords are about 3 feet long, and come in red, black, or blue. They are PVB braided cables, that are strong enough to lift a weight, and can handle a 3A charge. The charging brick has smart tech in it, to read the amount of power that your phone can handle, and tailor the charging power to that. These chargers really are fantastic!

Wireless Photo Printer

KEUTEK Mini Printer

As everyone gets together with their families and friends this holiday season, memories will inevitably be made. Since the majority of photos today are taken with a cellphone, sharing photos can be tough for those who don't use smartphones as often. For those who want a solid copy of the family photo, they won't have to go to the store, add their photos to a kiosk, and wait for them to be printed. In stead, with the IVY Wireless Mini Photo Printer, they won't have to. For everyone who wants to take a photo home to hang on their fridge, the mini photo printer can easily print multiple copies, making this a must have for family holidays and vacations!

WiFi Router Upgrades  

Wireless Router KEUTEK

For the avid streamers and gamers out there.. the woes associated to lag are all too real. This season, upgrade your loved ones' online gaming experience with a better router than the default one from install. Some of our favorites include the sus RT-AC86U from Asus for about $150 on amazon, the D-Link DIR-867 for around $85, and for those looking for the fastest possible speed (and with internet that will support such speeds) the TP-Link Archer AX6000 for nearly $270. Each of these routers offer absolutely blazing fast internet, and support the new WiFi 6 standard that will release within the next year or so. Personally, I would go with either the Asus router, or the TP-Link Archer. 

Smart Light Starter Kit 

For those who have the energy conscious family members (as they should be!), the Smart Light Starter Kit by Philips Hue is the perfect way to save energy. These smart lights all connect to, and communicate with multiple devices and apps over wifi, to allow your loved ones to control the lights, even when not home. They'll never have to worry about leaving a light on again as they can simply open the app on their phone, and turn off any unwanted lights. They can also control the brightness, set timers, and even have them voice activated through Alexa and Google Home!  

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