Black Friday Is Coming! - Best Early Bird Gift Ideas

Black Friday Is Coming! - Best Early Bird Gift Ideas - KEUTEK

The Best Online Gift Ideas for Early Birds: KEUTEK

With the holiday season fast approaching, it seems we are all experiencing some sort of anxiety associated with gift giving. How do you know what your loved ones will want this year? Will you be able to stay within a budget and still get all of the gifts you planned on? Check out these online gift ideas that you can take advantage of early, and get a jump on your holiday shopping lists. 

Weighted Blanket


Weighted blankets are a big trend currently, and as the weather turns colder, a perfect gift idea. There is a huge selection of different brands, sizes, weights, and more to choose from so make sure to shop around. Weighted blankets are commonly used to help those with anxiety and managing stress. They are fantastic at aiding autistic children in calming down, as well as assisting those who have trouble sleeping to get full night's rest. It is recommended to choose a blanket that is about 10% of your body weight, as something too heavy can feel restrictive. Prices for weighted blankets range, and can range from around $60, all the way up to nearly $250. Make sure you check amazon for the best deals on these blankets! 

Apple Watch


One of the most popular fashion accessories out right now, is the Apple Watch. With the series 5 watch released in September of this year, the watches are hot on the market. The series 3 and series 4 both are being offered at big discounted rates with the 3 being around $229, and the 4 being $429. Both watches are GPS and LTE equipped, and can make for an awesome gift! These two prices can be found at Walmart, or online. The 3 is still a viable choice with tons to offer, and the reason the 4 is $200 more, is the faster processor, updated model, and fall detection. Get yours while they are still on sale, and look like the hero of the day!

KEUTEK Quick Charger

Is the person you're purchasing a gift for on their phone or devices often? You could pick up a KEUTEK charger for them, making their life a little easier for under $50. Each charger and cable comes with a magnetic tip for his or her devices. By inserting that tip into the charging port on their phone or device, charging becomes a snap. All he or she has to do in order to get a full charge in 35 minutes or less, is bring the device within an inch of the plugged in cord, and the magnetic technology will pull it right in and begin charging. These 3 A chargers and cords are made out of high quality parts, and military grade nylon braids for the cords. The tips are interchangeable, so you can get one for each device, and use one cord for all of them! Check out for more information. 

Xbox One S


Currently, you can get the Xbox One S and a hard copy of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, for just $249. These come in bundles at Walmart that allow you to choose another game that comes with it, from a variety of options. If you have a Sam's Club membership, you can get an Xbox One S with two controllers, but no free game, for $199. Since games and controllers both cost around $50, I would say it is a good substitution if you do not want any of the games offered in the other bundles at Walmart. Either way, this is a great deal on the gaming console, and since they have the capability to use apps, such as Netflix and other streaming services, you get much more than a simple gaming platform. 

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