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Best Fitness Apps and Equipment -  KEUTEK - KEUTEK

Get Fit the Modern Way - Apps and More

 You know the feeling. You're sitting down with your bowl of nachos, loaded with chili, cheese, jalapenos and the works, watching T.V. Then the commercials about the super fit model or actor that travels the world, looking good and enjoying life pops up. All of the sudden that bowl of nachos looks a bit less appealing, and you decide you should get in shape. Those celebrities were able to do it, why can't you? Aside from the personal trainer, you have everything you need right in the palm of your hand!


Best Apps For Fitness KEUTEK

While you may not have a personal trainer on call in order to help you on your journey, and keep you accountable. Apps on your phone and smartwatch can be a decent substitution. Tracking your fitness progress with an app not only allows you to see how you're coming along, but also gives you goals to achieve, alerts to remind you when to work out, and archives your information to compare later.  Many of them are compatible with your wearable tech as well, which can help you track your progress without having to carry your phone on you the entire time. 

Map My Fitness

Best Apps For Fitness KEUTEK Under Armour

Map My Fitness is a great app for beginners and experienced athletes alike, and it is owned by Under Armour. It supports hundreds of different activities that you may be using as your workout, and has a social feature for those who are more competitive. This social portion of this app encompasses the running or cycling sections, allowing you to see the routes that your friends post, and their associated information with it. Having access to new and unique routes helps keep you excited, motivated, and can yield better results. While this app can be downloaded in a free version, it has ads, and you can buy the version without them.

Couch to 5K 

Best Apps For Fitness KEUTEK Couch To 5K

The name says it all with this one. You're on the couch, and you want to be able to run a 5K. That's exactly what this app will help you achieve. Over a nine week period, this app guides you through a training program toward your goal of the race. This is adjustable as well, for those who prefer to train at a slower pace. Since the app is fully intent on making people get off the couch and turning them into athletes, it offers a lot of positive encouragement. The virtual coaches offer tips and tricks to soon-to-be athletes as well, which is very helpful to you if you strive off from special instruction. The app itself is free for both iOS and Android.

Nike Training Club 

Best Apps For Fitness KEUTEK Nike Training Club

This is one of my favorites. Nike Training Club is a very well-rounded app that has been developing and growing for years. If you have a fitness or nutrition goal in mind, this app is perfect. You can target specific muscle groups, or even choose workouts that will help you in specific sports. If you don't have a lot of time to work out, Nike Training Club has different workouts ranging from 15 minutes, to 45 or more. No gym? No problem. This app has a complete section dedicated strictly to bodyweight-only workouts and exercises. Nike Training Club really is a one stop shop for those interested in their health and wellness!

Equipment, Accessories and Apparel

Best Apps For Fitness KEUTEK

OK, so you have the training app on your cellphone that you want. That's a great start! Next, you will have to get the accessories and apparel appropriate for your workout and style. Many people opt for wearable tech, such as a Fitbit or Apple Watch, to use during their workouts. These watches are capable of tracking a wide variety of information and vitals for you. With the ones that have GPS enabled, you can track your running path, your times, and more location based information. They are also capable of playing music, which is very handy for those who do not want to carry their phone during their run. 

For basic workouts, some basic equipment may be needed. This can include things like jump ropes, dumbbells, or stretching bands. If you need any of these and are on a budget, you can find them here. You can also find fitness apparel, such as leggings, tights, and more at

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