New iphone? Your App and Accessory Survival Guide

New iphone? Your App and Accessory Survival Guide - KEUTEK

These Are The Best Apps And Accessories For Your New iPhone

So the big Apple event brought us some exciting new cellphones, iPads, and Apple Watches. Whether you are a loyal Apple supporter, or a someone new to the brand, there are some basic essentials for your new products that you will love. As the new iPhone 11, 11 pro, and 11 pro max hit the market, these apps and accessories will make your life so much easier when it comes to use and protection.


New iPhone App And Accessory Survival Guide- Phone Case

The first thing you want to do after you buy your iPhone, is protect it. Getting insurance on you device is definitely a smart move. Regardless of if you think you will take good care of your phone and keep track of it, life happens. I can personally attest to the loss of a phone I did not have insurance on. After you have insurance on you phone, you will need a phone case to protect it from physical damage. While the new phones are much more durable and resistant than the past models, it is still imperative to protect your investment. You can choose the level of protection in your cases. Thinner, more flexible cases may not offer as much protection as something more rugged, like an Otterbox, but are often more visually appealing.

My top choice for a case so far is the STOON for iPhone 11 Pro. This case is very thin, and clear so you can show off that gorgeous phone and color you bought it in. They offer great shock absorption if you drop your iPhone, so you don't have to worry about damage from falls. This case also offers superior scratch protection. It has raised edges around the camera and the front so you can set the phone flat on either side and not worry about scratches and scuffs from the surfaces you set your new iPhone on. The thin profile of the case allows for flexibility, ease of installation, and even supports wireless charging! Make sure you also get a screen protector for your phone. I suggest the Purity Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 11 Pro. These tempered glass screen protectors are anti-smudge, anti-glare, and super solid. They also come with an installation frame, so you install your protector perfectly and easily every time.


New iPhone App And Accessory Survival Guide- Phone Charger

After you pick up your phone and equip it with a new case and screen cover, you will need to upgrade your charger. The traditional way of fumbling with a cord constantly is out! Many 3rd party companies make a quality charger, from wired to wireless charging. It seems like all of the Apple charging cords just fray near the connector and eventually create a fire hazard. They may even just stop working altogether. Third party companies often opt to use braided cords, which are much more durable and resilient.

Personally, I like the Keutek charger. This charger has a magnetic attachment that you can just leave in the charging port, and attach to the charger that way! It allows you to connect your charger to your phone super easily too. All you have to do is bring the braided charging cord within about an inch of the attachment, and the high efficiency magnets will pull them together to charge. It's super easy! Another perk of the Keutek charger is that you have a free hand even when attaching the charging cable. They have a nice LED light on them as well that indicates charging.


New iPhone App And Accessory Survival Guide- Accessories

Once you have your phone protected with a good case, screen protector and insurance, the meat of your work is done. The charger adapter from Keutek is a great addition for your charging convenience as well. Now, you can start customizing the look and feel of your phone with fun and unique accessories. Personally, I like my phone to be relatively simple, with just a case, cover, charger, and insurance. Part of the reason I chose the clear case, was to show the color of the phone. Accessories like wallet cases and pop sockets look great and are very useful in terms of function, but can hide the phone's look. A couple cool accessories for the iPhone I like are:

  • Pop Sockets- It is easy to accidentally drop your iPhone.. A pricey accident to fix a shattered phone back or screen.
  • Wallet Cases- These are super convenient. Store your credit cards, ID, cash, or anything else you would normally keep in a wallet, right in your phone case.
  • Privacy Screen Protectors- Keep nosy people from looking at your phone while you are on it. Great for crowded areas!
  • Headphone Adapters- Any iPhone after and including iPhone X does not have a headphone jack. You need to buy a conversion adapter if you want to plug in your headphones.. or buy wireless ones.


New iPhone App And Accessory Survival Guide- KEUTEK

Apps for your new phone are the most subjective to personal taste and lifestyle. Depending on what your interests are and what your daily life is like, you can then tailor your apps to that. If you like to run and work out, your my want to choose from the many fitness apps available. Other people prefer to do as much business on their phones as possible, and still others would just prefer games. There are always the basic applications that everyone uses, such as social media like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Other basic applications such as your email, calculator, news, and others are pre-installed on your phone and can be deleted at any time.

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