Earbuds or Headphones - Which Are The Best?

Earbuds or Headphones - Which Are The Best? - KEUTEK

Choosing the Best Headphones : KEUTEK

You've got your shoes, your bag, and your water bottle. As you leave your house to head to they gym, there is just one more thing you need to bring with you: your headphones. Your portal to "the zone", where motivation manifests itself in the form of music, urging you onward. Your headphones are important to you and vital to the effectiveness of your workout. (Disclaimer: Some people like to work out without music.)


Best workout earphones KEUTEK Types

The market has all sorts of headphones available to you. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you should choose the set that work the best for you in your choice of use. There are wired headphones that offer superior sound quality and noise cancellation. You can also get wireless headphones or earbuds that will free up your hands and be ideal for physical activity. Between the wireless headphones, you can choose between Bluetooth, or wireless earbuds that have a connector between them, with a battery that drapes behind your ears. The wireless headphones offer great functionality and convenience. Not all earphones are made the same, and you will have to find what you like best. 

Bluetooth Earphones

Best workout earphones KEUTEK

Bluetooth headphones are great... they are hands free, connect directly to your entertainment device, and don't have to transmit radio waves, offering a clean and crisp connection. Some of the most popular Bluetooth headphones (earphones) are the Apple Air-pods. While they carry a hefty price tag over $100, they still are one of the industry's front runners. Beats makes a great Bluetooth headphone set as well, with their Powerbeats Pro. These are even more expensive, with a price tag at nearly $200. These wireless headphones wrap around the ear and offer fantastic sound quality during your active lifestyle. 

Over-Ear Headphones

Best workout earphones KEUTEK Over Ear

Those looking to drift off into their own world of music, forgetting the rest of the world, usually enjoy a solid pair of over-ear headphones.Most of these headphones offer noise cancelling technology, and can nearly completely eliminate outside noise pollution. These types of headphones generally offer superior sound quality at the expense of durability. This is because you have to keep them plugged into your entertainment device, and they can get snagged on corners, or anything with an edge. Some of the most popular over-ear headphones come from major companies such as Bose, Beats, and Sony. 

Which is Best?

Choosing the best pair of headphones or earphones is completely subjective to the preferences you hold. Those who are generally more active and enjoy physical activity such as jogging or working out, would likely benefit most from a wireless set. Those who spend a lot of time listening to, analyzing, and appreciating the small nuances of music, would be better suited by an over-ear, or on-ear set of headphones. The noise cancellation on these allows for the full appreciation of the music, while the wireless headphones may also offer some noise cancellation, albeit inferior to the former. The main advantage of the wireless types is mobility. Happy listening!

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