The Best Apps for Keeping your New Years' Resolutions

The Best Apps for Keeping your New Years' Resolutions - KEUTEK

Keep on Track With your New Years' Resolutions with these Apps!

With the new year right around the corner, many of us will be making New Years' Resolutions. The problem isn't making them, the problem is keeping on track with them. All too often, our goal of going to the gym every day, or eating better, or even trying to learn something new, fizzles out from lack of tracking. By tracking your progress, you can add incentives to your personal goals. Check out this collection of apps that help you keep track of your goals and the things important to you.


Habitbull Goal Tracker App KEUTEK

Most of the task keeping apps on our cellphones can be a bit boring. HabitBull is an exception to that rule, as it really does make you stay on track. With its fully customize-able schedule of any and all of your goals, you can keep everything in one place.

Enter a yes or no, or a number if you prefer, for keeping track of your daily goals. It also has a notification setting that can remind you of any upcoming tasks on your lists. The free version of this app allows for 5 goals, but the $4 for the full app allows for 100.


Best Goal Tracking Apps KEUTEK

Trello is a great app for those who like to stay very specific in their organizing. It is also great for groups or couples looking to keep track of goals and tasks in a collaborative manner. 

Each goal in this app can be customized and broken down into the smallest of tasks. You can then share them with those in your accountability group, and everyone can check off when they're done.

For those in the corporate world, this acts as a fantastic task manager as well, following the progress of different projects. The free version is great for individuals, and the paid version is best for companies. 


Best Goal Tracking Apps KEUTEK

Forest puts a fun twist on keeping on task. You can set yourself a timer for the amount of time that you want to spend on a task, and as soon as you start, you get a virtual seed. Throughout the time you spend task, the seed grows into a tree onscreen.

If you stop your task and leave, the tree will die, and you will have to start over. This creates a more immediate and tangible goal for yourself, as you want to have your tree fully mature when you complete your task.

Once you finish, you can earn coins that will earn you new types of trees, and if you so choose, you can use those coins to donate toward a real tree being planted! You're helping the environment and bettering yourself at the same time!

You can do it!

No matter what your personal aspirations for 2020 are, these top three apps will most certainly be a help to you as you achieve those goals. Each has its own unique value to bring to your day, and in many cases, you can use them in conjunction with each other. The most important thing to remember, is to always keep progressing toward your goal, and don't quit! Happy Holidays!

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