Learn Something New with These Fun and Educational Apps!

Learn Something New with These Fun and Educational Apps! - KEUTEK

2020 is all about growth, and here are some great apps to help you grow personally!

As we enter the new year, many people like to make New Years' Resolutions. Those can vary from wanting to get into better shape, to learning a new language, or any other range of goals.

At KEUTEK, we are all about growing into the best person possible, and in this digital age, we know phones are useful tools in this as well. Check out this compilations of apps that may help you achieve your New Years' Resolution, or just learn something new because you want to!


Duolingo Logo Learning Apps KEUTEK

Want to learn a new language? Can't sit still long enough to take a formal class, or just simply too busy? Duolingo is the perfect solution to learning a new language on the go. This powerful app offers 38 different languages you can learn, from French to Navajo, to Klingon even!

Each language is broken down into a fun, gaming format. You earn hearts, or lose them as you go, and there are checkpoint tests to make sure you are progressing! While you can download and use this for free, you will have to get the Pro version to remove ads, and play without a data connection. 


Seek App Best Learning Apps KEUTEK

Have you ever been walking outside and saw a plant or animal that you couldn't identify? Seek is a fascinating app, created by National Geographic and the California Academy of Sciences, that can help you identify them!

Simply point your camera at the plant or animal, and Seek will give you a classification, description, and some background information on it! This includes the location of its natural habitat on a map, as well as the history of the plant or animal in the region.

You earn badges as you go, which gives the use incentive to get out and explore the beauty that this earth has to offer!


Invstr Best Learning Apps KEUTEK

Interested in learning about the stock market, but have no idea where to start? The Invstr app is a fun twist on investing in the stock market! You trade with fake money so you don't have to risk any of your hard earned money while you learn the ropes. Real market data is used for each "transaction", keeping you in the loop as to how the market moves.

The fun twist on this app, is that it is similar to fantasy football, in that you can compete with friends to see who can get the best returns on their investments. Each player in your private league starts out with $1 million in fake money, and off you go! Lessons and tutorials help each player along the way to mastering the stock market in real time.

If you so choose, you can also enter into competitions to win $500 vouchers to be invested in real life! How do you win? Just place in the top ten app users! This is of course no easy task, but of course winning $500 isn't going to be simple! This app is a fantastic way to learn the stock market, and have a blast while doing so.


Mimo Coding Best Learning Apps KEUTEK

Looking to further your professional career, or simply learn a valuable skill in our digitally dominated world? Mimo is the perfect app for beginners that are interested in learning coding. Learning to code has so many potential benefits as you can monetize your skills through a new job, or freelancing. Some even just like doing it for fun! 

Mimo breaks down the basics for those just getting into coding. You will learn syntax, vocabulary, and multiple coding languages in bite-sized lessons. Each lesson is broken down into smaller projects that gradually help you build your skills as you go. Once you get good enough and comfortable, Mimo will even run your practice codes for you that you created yourself!

For those interested in web development and mobile, Mimo offers HTML, CSS, Swift, and many more. For those interested in the programmers' side of things and data sciences, Mimo has a host of languages for you as well, such a C++, Python, Ruby, and more! 

Never before has such a complex and intricate skill been so easy to learn. While there are many free lessons, you will have to upgrade to either the monthly subscription, or yearly fee to unlock all of the potential behind this amazing app. 


Headspace App for Learning to Meditate KEUTEK

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Headspace is the app that teaches you how to meditate. Studies have shown that meditation improves your concentration and attention span, as well as relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression, even pain. 

Headspace guides beginners and advanced students through a variety of different exercises. Based on your needs, Headspace can also suggest different exercises for you, led by a soothing voice that helps you toward your personal goal.

Lessons can be curated to help with issues such as anger, loneliness, and many others. You get a two week free trial to start, but after that, there is a monthly subscription. 

No matter what your interests are, there is an endless amount of information out in the world to learn. The amazing thing is, you can learn nearly all of it from the palm of your hand with today's constant advancement in technology and information! We hope you find this compilation of apps useful; we sure have, and will continue to do so! 

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