5 User Friendly Smart Gadgets For Everyday Life

5 User Friendly Smart Gadgets For Everyday Life - KEUTEK

5 User Friendly Smart Gadgets For Your Life

Wouldn't life be so much simpler if everything was easy? Well we can't make everything in life easy, but we can provide you with this list of products that can help. Some of them may seem "extra" or that they are "first world problems" or for "lazy" people. Other people look at these items as efficient, easy, and helpful. Regardless, people use these products daily and if they make your life just a little bit easier, then they may be worth a look, if not an investment.


5 User Friendly Smart Gadgets For Everyday Life - Smart Light Bulbs - KEUTEK

Smart Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs are a great way to save time and money. By connecting to your home WiFi system, they can be controlled with an app. This allows you to set them on timers, as well as manually turn them on and off. You can also set them as groups, allowing you to control all of the kitchen of living room lights with one touch. With the Phillips Hue system, you can also get colored LED bulbs that can change among thousands of color options to change the ambiance of a room. Even better, with the Amazon Echo or Google Assistant, you can control all of this with your voice. 


5 User Friendly Smart Gadgets For Everyday Life - Smart Scale - KEUTEK

Smart Scale

A smart scale does much more than just measure your weight. They analyze your body and give you feedback on metrics such as BMI, body fat, and body water. These handy devices connect to your phone and/or smart watch through Bluetooth to provide for easy reading and tracking of your history. These can also measure visceral body fat, subcutaneous fat, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, BMR and your metabolic age. Some of these will even monitor external influences such as air quality and humidity. 


5 User Friendly Smart Gadgets For Everyday Life - Bluetooth Fan - KEUTEK

Bluetooth Fan

Ever had one of those hot summer nights where you are tossing and turning in bed, in and out of sweating and can't sleep? Maybe you don't want to get up and turn on a fan or open a window. A Bluetooth fan can help you with this problem. Simply reach over to your phone and turn it on with an app and there is that wonderful breeze you have been waiting for. With the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link, you can control hot or cool air blowing, as well as turn on the air purifier. All of these setting can be set on timers as well so begin circulating air before you are even home from work. 


5 User Friendly Smart Gadgets For Everyday Life - Amazon Dash Buttons - KEUTEK

Amazon Dash Button

The Amazon Dash button is great for those things you don't want to forget about at the store. Grabbing the last roll of Toilet Paper? Putting a Dash button on the inside of your vanity cabinet can let you reorder more with the simple press of a button, before you are even off of the toilet. These buttons sync with your Amazon Prime account and automatically order a preset item when they are pressed. Before you panic, don't worry about your kids finding it and ordering 20,000 rolls of toilet paper. You can set order limits such as 1 per day, as well as alerts to your account so you know exactly when something is ordered. You ordered one, then your spouse orders another one the next day. Amazon will alert you to this and give you a chance to cancel the extra order. Use it for all of you daily essentials; paper towels, coffee, shampoo, breakfast bars, there are endless possibilities. 


5 User Friendly Smart Gadgets For Everyday Life - Rocketbook Everlast - KEUTEK

Rocketbook Everlast

The Rocketbook Everlast is a pad and paper notebook designed for the digital age. This notebook has a special paper that you can apply moisture to, wipe clean, and use again as many times as you would like. Even better is the specialized Pilot Frixion pen designed for this notebook. This pen tracks your writing and keeps a digital backup on your favorite cloud storage systems. Never lose your notes again when you can go to Google Docs or iCloud and recover them in just a few minutes. This also allows you to help save the environment by reusing the synthetic paper and note wasting standard paper like a traditional notebook.

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