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Technology in Your Home : Doorbell Cameras

Today, homeowners are more and more concerned with home safety. It is not uncommon to have some sort of home security system, and a lot of people are opting for a doorbell camera. These wide angle cameras keep track of who comes up to your house and can be accessed via cellphone. Door cameras are a cost effective and efficient way to monitory your home. There are a range of quality products in this department, but a few different ones stand out above the others. 


Technology And Home Security KEUTEK Ring

Ring is definitely one of the doorbell camera market's leaders. They are a well-known brand that delivers a great all around product. These doorbell cameras are very durable, being able to withstand a wide range of temperatures and weather. They are user friendly and easy to install, with both a battery powered option and a hard wired option. The Ring doorbell camera is compatible with most all smartphones and laptops. Some of the cool features include video, and two way speaking. The one downside of this camera is the battery life. You will need to change the battery every couple months.


Technology And Home Security KEUTEK Nest

Another highly efficient and effective doorbell camera is from Nest. This doorbell camera streams HD quality video to the cloud constantly. It is capable of 3 hour snapshots, and can be accessed from your smartphone. One cool feature the Nest doorbell camera boasts, is night vision and facial recognition. You can program it to recognize certain people! The one downfall of this product is that it needs to be hard wired, and does not take batteries. 


Technology And Home Security KEUTEK SkyBell

This doorbell camera provides so many options and features that is has to be one of the industry front-runners, along with Ring and Nest. The SkyBell offers 1080p recording, motions sensors, and color recording both day and night. This product is rugged and durable, as well as user friendly. One nice feature of the SkyBell, is that you get free cloud storage with it. Unfortunately, it only comes in a hard-wired option. 

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