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Smart Technology And You - Making Life More Convenient - KEUTEK

Today's Tech is Adapting - Smart Technology

Today's technology seems to be the stuff that our parents could only dream of. From jet packs, to cellphones that can run an entire company from the palm of your hand. All of these technological advances have one goal in common and that is to make life more enjoyable. I think we can all agree that we enjoy having things that are convenient and easy to use! you can find advanced technology in so many of our devices, and what's even more amazing, is many of those devices are learning. That's right, smart technology has the ability to adjust itself based off from your preferences over time. Check out some of these awesome products that use smart technology!

  • Your Cellphone

Smart Technology And You-Your Cellphone

It seems to go without saying, but your cellphone, also known as a smartphone, is on the leading edge of smart technology. The amount of change that has come with new cell phones over the years is astounding. Nobody in 1990 could predict that we would have smartphones with AR built into them, much less the power behind these phones. They can adjust settings based on where you are located, power levels in the phone, your usage history, and more. GPS with our phones has dramatically improved over the years as well, to the point that you can find your phone using satellites. Even the chargers, such as the KEUTEK magnetic charger, have advanced to the point where you don't need a conventional charger anymore. 

Apps on our phones are "smart" too. They gather data from all over our personal and daily lives in order to provide the best services possible. For example, the convenience of getting food delivered through an app has even gotten better over time. If you like a certain type of food, they will suggest like restaurants in order to help you decide on your next meal. Nearly any app in your phone is capable of adjusting to your convenience. 

  • Your Watch

Smart Technology And You-Your Smart Watch

Today, you can still grab that classic luxury watch you have always dreamed of owning. Or you could opt for a smartwatch. Smartwatches are an absolutely fantastic example of today's smart technology. They can tell time. (obviously) They can play music, or track your run. Smartwatches today can even do the basic functions of a smartphone. They can save and recall photos for you, recognize and identify songs, send a text, and even be used to pay your bills. Some watches can even detect if you are in an accident or fall, and call for help. Talk about smart technology!

  •  Your House

Smart Tech And You- Your House-KEUTEK

Your house can even be considered part of smart technology. You can set your lights to go on or off at certain times. Doors can be set to lock at a specific time. Doorbells have cameras on them and microphones, and they can alert you via text when someone approaches. Your bathtub can fill, heat to a certain temperature, and turn the jets on for you via smart tech. Even your kitchen can have smart technology in it, from the refrigerator, to the sink, to the garbage can. In your bedroom, you can buy smart beds with built in entertainment, window shades that open automatically, and even an intercom to help you through your routines. 

  • Your Car

Smart Tech And You- KEUTEK- Your Car

Cars today are pretty much computers on their own. You can often even find automated vehicles for public transportation popping up all over major cities. These vehicles use a combination of cameras and sensors to navigate through traffic and the streets. If you have a relatively modern car yourself, you will find bits of "smart technology" throughout it. Many have GPS navigation built right into the dash, and have to ability to "remember" frequently visited locations, and save other important locations. 

Smart technology is all around us. It is near impossible to avoid, so why not embrace the idea of advanced technology for our convenience? Just because we have smart technology doesn't mean it has to be wasteful. Hopefully, these smart devices and products we create will be able to reduce the amount of waste we produce, and help save the planet!

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