Samsung's New Foldable Phone: Rumor Mill

Samsung's New Foldable Phone: Rumor Mill - KEUTEK

New Year, New Phones! Upcoming Samsung Phones

As the new year rolls out, tech companies are not slowing down in the development of new products! Samsung is expected to release an exciting new foldable phone on February 11. Since Motorola rebooted the famous Razr cellphone, Samsung will be releasing their folding phone to compete with it. 

This isn't the first (or last) folding phone made by Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Fold was launched in April of 2019, but was not the most successful in the market. The new folding phone will be an improved version of such, but might not have the same name.

Samsung looks to take the problems that plagued the Fold, and eliminate them in this new phone. The new phone is expected to be released at the same time as the Galaxy 11, on either February 11, or February 18. 

Vertical Fold 

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 KEUTEK

The new folding phone will bend vertically, contrary to the past models that would open like a book. This phone folds down into a square shape, with a touchscreen on the front.

The screen looks like it will cover most all of the front, and only a few buttons on the sides, as more modern phones become more and more sleek. The rumored size of the screen is around 6 inches. 


Galaxy Fold 2 Image

The new phone will have 6 cameras in total, according to rumors. There will be three on the back, two on the inside when you open the phone, and two on the outside "cover".

It is very possible that the new phone will only have 3 cameras as well; there are multiple sources for both arguments. Recently leaked photos show only three total cameras: two on the front, and one inside.

Screen Flaws?

Samsung Fold 2 KEUTEK

The most recent versions of the Samsung Flip had some major problems with it's screen. There were gaps in the hinge that allowed debris to get into the phone, eventually causing major damage.

While there is not a lot of information out about the improved hinge, we can assume Samsung has adjusted their product accordingly. They are also expected to reinforce the inner plastic display. 

Headphone Jack

Samsung is completely ditching the headphone jack for this phone. The Note 10 phone and Galaxy Fold both did not have headphone jacks as well. They do have a USB-C charging port, however. Better grab a wireless set of headphones!


Folding Phone Samsung KEUTEK

The rumor for the price of the new phone is all over the place. Some people speculate that it will cost around $800. Since the new Razr will cost about $1500, you can expect Samsung to increase the price of the folding phone as well. They are not known to undercut the prices of competitors because they can match the quality put out. There are even some rumors that the phone will only cost around $350, but it is highly unlikely they will release their product at such a low price point. 


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