Google Assistant: Making Life Easier

Google Assistant: Making Life Easier - KEUTEK

Google Assistant Makes Life Simpler: Here's How

Life gets more and more streamlined and convenient (for many), every day. New technology is incorporated into our smart phones, speakers, homes, cars, and anything digital on a regular basis. Artificial Intelligence gets more and more efficient daily, and companies like Google are the front-runners of that advancement.

The Google Assistant, like Apple's Siri, is one of the best ways to streamline your day and be as productive as possible for a variety of reasons. What are some of the features offered that we can use?

Google continually improves their Assistant, and here are some of the best features of the Google Assistant today. 

Device Compatibility

Compatible Devices KEUTEK Google Home 

When you get a new device, such as a home Bluetooth speaker, or a set of smart lights, they may or may not be compatible with Google Assistant. Google makes life easier by allowing you to immediately know if that device can be used with the assistant. 

When you set up your new device, you will get a message or notification that says whether or not that particular piece of technology is compatible. You can find the notices for this on your Google Home app, where all of your compatible devices are listed and stored.  


Google Home Compatible Devices KEUTEK

In another advancement towards a more streamlined and simpler day, Google Assistant also boasts advanced scheduling for its compatible devices. While scheduling is not new, the possibilities here are much more in depth.

For example, you can schedule different parts of your smart home to do different things at certain times, like turning the lights off at 10 p.m. In the past, you would need to schedule this kind of action through an app, but now you can do it with your voice. 

Other devices that work like this on your Google Home app include things like coffee makers, robotic vacuums, your AC, or even your garage doors. Sounds pretty convenient to me! 


Google Home Devices KEUTEK Sticky Notes

Sticky notes have been an integral part of communicating in a simple manner for a long time. I still use them today, but now, I can use them digitally. Google home has a feature that allows you to leave notes for other people, but in a unique way. 

Using your voice, you can tell Google to leave a note for the other people that use the same network as you or any other devices connected to your Google Home. For example, you can say " Hey, Google leave a note that we need to pick up more milk." It will then be displayed on the screens of other device on your Google Home network, making it visible to all of the people you need to see your message.

This eliminates the need to have a pen and paper handy at all times, and the clutter of a bunch of notes sticking to different surfaces in the home. 

Upcoming Features

Google Home Speed Dial KEUTEK

Likely in the early Fall of 2020, users will be able to use "speed dial" with their Google Assistants. This makes it quick and easy for consumers to be able to call their loved ones via voice command. 

You will be able to add someone to the "speed dial" menu quickly by saying something like, " Hey, Google call Jeff". You will be able to assign nicknames for each contact as well. 

Since this Google Assistant feature doesn't require a specific voice to say the command, families can all use the same commands. Super convenient if you need to have someone call the doctor for you and you are unable to do so yourself. 

So Much More

Google Smart Home KEUTEK

Google Assistant has so many more features than the ones listed above, these are just the newest ones rolled out. The smart application can already do so much for you, such as translate languages, play music, search, and more. 

You can even customize the voice of the Google Assistant, changing it to your favorite actors or actresses, such as Issa Rae, and others. If you have one, make sure you take the time to experiment with this; it is so fun!

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