Year in Review: 2019's Best Tech

Year in Review: 2019's Best Tech - KEUTEK

New Year, New Tech

The year is finally over and a lot of things have changed in the world of technology. From brand new cellphones, to virtual reality gaming, and even to data processing, 2019 made significant strides in terms of tech available to consumers. We took some time to gather the best new tech and advancements of 2019. 

Google Nest WiFi

Google Nest WiFi KEUTEK

As more and more technology becomes wireless, companies like Google have flourished and grown immensely. The Google Nest WiFi is a fantastic asset to those who have dead zones in their houses. Not only does it bring connectivity to all areas of the house, but it also doubles as a smart speaker. 

These powerful little speakers are compatible with Google Assistant, and produce a high quality sound. These are great for anyone who uses voice activated assistants, and who enjoy being able to listen to music anywhere in the house.

They are also great for those who want to be able to use the WiFi anywhere in their homes. Some people prefer to use their laptops in different rooms than the main router, and this makes it much easier!

The Google Nest WiFi is a must have for tech lovers or casual user alike.

Apple Watch Series 5 

Best Tech 2019 KEUTEK

This past fall, Apple released its latest version of wearable tech, in the Apple Watch Series 5. This smartwatch is a slight improvement over the Series 4, and boasts a few new features.

When the Series 4 was already the best, Apple came through with an even better product.

The main new feature of the Series 5, is the always on display. While this seems arbitrary, it is super convenient in relation to the past models. All previous models required you to tilt the screen as though you are reading it, for it to turn on. 

New apps to monitor your health and even your heartbeat were released with the new watch and its updated software. This watch (and any updated to the current iOS) can even detect an irregular heartbeat and warn you.

If something were to happen to you, such as a hard fall, the Apple Watch can call help for you based of the collected data during the incident. Pretty cool if you ask me. 

AirPods Pro 

Apple AirPods Pro KEUTEK

Apple released their newest version of the AirPod headphones in 2019, and they are amazing. These small, yet powerful ear buds are so sought after, they are on backorder for another month, and if you have an extra $300 or so, you can find them on Ebay. 

The AirPods Pro model boasts a much welcomed boost in performance over the past models. They have noise cancellation, a better and more comfortable form, and improved grip.

Instead of the solid plastic feel that many had become accustomed to, Apple has released the Pro models with a rubberized grip for better sound quality and noise cancellation.

Many people are saying the AirPods Pro should be the new standard for wireless earbuds on the market! 

Dell XPS 13 (7390)


This laptop is POWERFUL. With Intel's 10 Generation processor, you can get so much done in record time on this ultra-portable laptop.

Because it packs so much power, you can stream and game with extremely high quality images. The Dell XPS 13 has a 4K display, and it produces some amazing colors. 

For those who like to Skype, the front facing webcam is high quality, paired with the 4K screen to bring the best possible experience. This laptop also has support for the newest generation of WiFi, WiFi 6.

These are just a few of our favorite tech advancements from 2019. It seems like as soon as we find a product that is nearly perfect, someone improves it. Let's hope the trend continues in 2020! 

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