Why Is My Mobile Phone Charging Very Slowly?

Why Is My Mobile Phone Charging Very Slowly? - KEUTEK

There are few feelings worse than waking up in the morning to find your phone has barely been charging. It's also a problem that can affect us all, considering that 97% of Americans now own their own mobile phone.

Your phone likely isn't charging very quickly for a reason. There are several common reasons why your Android phone or iPhone device isn't charging the way you'd expect.

That's why we've noted down the following reasons for a slow charge so that you can check them off one by one. By the end of this post, you should know what problems slow down the charging process. Here's hoping you'll never have to worry about mobile phone charging issues again.

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Bad Charging Cable

In our mind, the number one reason for phone charging issues is usually found with the charging cable. If you're using a cheap, shoddy charging cable, then this limits any fast charging opportunities you've been hoping for.

A bad cable will make your mobile phone appear as if it's charging more slowly than it would normally. There are several different reasons for this.

Your cable's material could be cheap or badly put together. This limits the amount of power that it can transmit to your phone at any given time.

Your cable might also have tears due to poor craftsmanship. These tears can disrupt the flow of energy to your device and can create a nightmare for you if you're looking to get fast charging speeds.

USB cables are very useful in that you can place them almost anywhere, but this means they can be susceptible to damage.

The best way to mitigate this risk is to invest in high-quality charging cables.

You should invest in a cable that's long as well as durable. As long as you purchase the right cable, you'll speed up your phone's charging process.

Weak Power Source

These days, you can charge your phone using a charging pad or an alternative power source. No matter what you're using, it has to be strong enough to do the job fast.

People often jump to phone cables as the first cause of problems, but a power source is just as important when it comes to charging speed. If you're charging from your laptop, for example, you'll be charging slower than if you plug your USB cable into the wall using a power adapter.

This becomes a greater issue when you're using wireless charging solutions, like a charging pad. Since there's no physical connection between your phone and the power source, it needs to be particularly powerful to compensate.

That's the case whether you're using a Samsung Galaxy, or the latest iPhone model. Bad power sources don't discriminate when it comes to phone versions or designs, which is the case for both android and IoS.

You should check your power source if you're charging wirelessly. If you're concerned, then the best thing to do is to replace it or take it to an expert who can assess it properly. You should look into alternative charging technologies if you really want to try something different.

Investing in a high-quality power source is a good way of preventing your phone from losing too much battery.

Deteriorating Battery

Sometimes, the problem with charging might be with your device itself, rather than the methods you're using to charge it. More often than not, that issue involves your phone's battery.

It's a well-known fact that mobile phones are designed in a way known as planned obsolescence. That means every mobile phone has a limited lifespan, at least for optimum use.

Once that time period has elapsed, even if you've kept your phone safe, it's going to start to deteriorate and lose battery life.

If you've had your phone for several years, it may be time to check what's under the cover. Phone batteries are an area of a phone that can get worse over time.

That's particularly true if you keep your phone on at all times, or if you charge your phone regularly. No battery lasts forever, certainly not one that can fit into a device as small as a smartphone.

If you're concerned about your phone's battery, you should take it to a specialist. That means heading to the Apple store if you have an iPhone.

But note that some phones don't allow you to replace their batteries. The cost of replacing a phone battery can also be quite expensive.

Because of that, make sure you check the other problems on this list before you target your phone's battery itself. That way, you won't select battery fixes that are expensive when you don't need them.

Background Applications Running

There are an estimated 2.87 million different applications available for download on the Google Play store. How many of those have you downloaded onto your mobile device?

If you leave applications running in the background of your phone as you charge, they can steal battery power. That makes charging your phone takes longer than it would otherwise.

The first thing to do to tackle this issue is to close any active applications. To do this on an iPhone, you can double-tap your phone's control sphere and then swipe up on each open application. A similar system works for most Android devices.

Once you've done this, you'll no longer have any active apps whilst you're charging. But some applications can still take power from your device in the background.

You should always check your settings, to see if any applications are operating despite being closed. If these are apps you don't need all of the time, make sure you switch them off while you charge.

Obstructed or Damaged USB Port

Another problem that can affect phone charging lies in your phone's USB port itself. This is the entry point at the bottom of most devices, where USB cables are inserted. It's also known as the charging port.

The first issue that could be affecting your charge is obstruction. If a cable isn't fully inserted into your port, this causes the charge to cut out.

There may be a small well of dust gathering in your port which is obstructing a cable. Or, it might be a small amount of debris.

You should remove your cable if you suspect this and inspect your USB port. If it appears dusty, you should make sure you clean it out safely using a soft brush.

Another more serious issue may be that your USB port has been damaged. This can happen to phones because, as we mentioned above, they are not designed for permanence.

You may have dropped your phone and damaged the port. Or, it could have just been worn down by extended use.

This can prevent your phone from syncing up with a USB cable.

If you suspect that your USB port is damaged, you should seek expert advice. You'll need to go to a designated store if you own an Apple device, or you can try a private smartphone store.

As with any presumed battery problems, make sure you've checked out your cable and other problems on this list before you commit to any phone fixes. Phone repairs can be expensive and sometimes aren't needed if the problem is with a USB cable or power supply.

Phone Working Too Hard

Some other common problems can surface if your phone is still switched on whilst charging. If this is the case, your phone may be working too hard to charge itself.

You should try switching your phone off whilst you charge it. This should hopefully increase the speed at which you gain charge.

However, this is a temporary solution. Switching off your phone every time you charge is a workaround. Instead, solve the problem permanently by investing in a superior cable or power supply.


Another final issue with charging might lie in the fact that you have an older phone. It may be that the cable you have isn't compatible with your device.

Or, the extended use your phone has received over time has impacted its ability to charge. If this is the case, the only real solution is to invest in a new smartphone when you get the chance.

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Get Your Mobile Phone Charging Again

You should now know the most common issues that can arise when it comes to mobile phone charging. It's usually advisable to check cables first, then power supplies, then look at any problems you may have with your phone itself.

At Keutek, we design and manufacture sophisticated mobile phone charging items. From our USB cables to our wall chargers, we design our products with fast charging in mind.

If you're interested in finding out more about smartphone charging, or which product would work best for you, make sure to contact us directly.

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