Help! How Do I Stop My Phone From Losing So Much Battery?

Help! How Do I Stop My Phone From Losing So Much Battery? - KEUTEK

Picture this: you're having fun on a night out. You were with your friends, but now you're heading home. You pull out your phone to get directions for the way home.

Yikes! Your phone is dead!

You've barely touched it all night, but it's still out of battery. How could this be? Now, you're stuck having to find your way home unless you can borrow someone else's phone.

Unfortunately, this happens all the time. A dead phone battery is a common problem.

But, it doesn't have to be anymore.

If you notice that your phone battery is always low, there are a few things that you can do to stop your phone from dying. Keep reading to find out what they are.

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How to Save Your Phone Battery

Your phone's battery is very sensitive. Certain settings and preferences could be depleting your phone battery even when you aren't using it.

That's why you need to know the best ways to adjust your phone's settings so that this doesn't happen to you again.

Turn Down Your Phone's Brightness | KEUTEK

Turn Down Your Phone's Brightness

One of the easiest fixes is just turning down your phone's brightness. The brightness of your phone's screen is one of the worst culprits when it comes to a low phone battery.

If you want to prolong your battery life, you need to turn down your brightness.

Many people think that their screen brightness doesn't affect their battery life, but research shows that your phone's brightness may be one of the most influential factors in determining battery life.

Another thing you should check for is auto-brightness. This will brighten or dim the screen automatically based on the light around the phone. And, unless you're in dark rooms all the time, it's most likely that this is brightening your phone.

So, you may want to turn off auto-brightness. The great thing is that most phones make it easy to adjust the brightness setting if you really need to.

Stop Using Heavy Apps | KEUTEK

Stop Using Heavy Apps

Heavy apps are those that use a lot of battery life. Mostly, these apps involve a lot of graphics and audio. Video games are the worst when it comes to preserving battery life.

We recommend playing these games when you're near an outlet rather than waiting until you're in the middle of nowhere.

We also recommend that you completely close all of your apps. If you're just clicking out of them, they aren't actually closing. Rather, they're sitting in the background waiting for you to open them again.

And, while you aren't using these apps, they're soaking up all of your battery life.

So, just remember to completely close your apps the next time that you're out and about. It'll save you the trouble of having a low phone battery later.

Consider Using a Battery Saving App | KEUTEK

Consider Using a Battery Saving App

Sometimes, even people who don't play video games on their phones fall victim to a low battery. This may be because of a less-obvious battery-draining problem.

You may have too much cache for certain apps or there could be something running in the background. Whatever it is, a battery-saving app can find it.

These apps evaluate your phone's performance over time. So, they can tell you what's taking all of your phone's battery.

Then, you can take the necessary steps to get your battery back to optimal running in no time.

Turn Off Wi-Fi | KEUTEK

Turn Off Wi-Fi

Believe it or not, your Wi-Fi being on can completely change how your phone operates. When your Wi-Fi is on and you're not connected to a network, your phone's battery is working overtime trying to find a hotspot. And, when there isn't one available, it continues to work hard.

Even if you're near a hotspot, you may want to turn the Wi-Fi off if you aren't using it. If you're really trying to save battery when you're on low, you may want to shut off Wi-Fi and not mess with your phone at all. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Turn on Airplane Mode | KEUTEK

Turn on Airplane Mode

Airplane mode isn't just for planes. It's a great way to conserve battery if you really need to.

You won't be able to text or call, but it can be useful if you need to do that later. Using our example at the beginning, you may put your phone on airplane mode while you're with your friends and then turn it back off when you're ready to use your GPS.

Since airplane mode was on while you were hanging out, it's likely that your battery level didn't budge much at all. So, you won't be stranded without an idea of how to get home.

Remove Location Services | KEUTEK

Remove Location Services

Location services are your phone's way of pinpointing exactly where you are. This is extremely useful when you're using things like your GPS or maps app. But, if you aren't using these things, all it does is drain your battery.

To save battery, you should make sure that location services are only on when you really need them.

Stop Constantly Searching for Email

There is a setting on your phone that makes your device constantly reload your email app, and it's likely that you have it on.

When your phone is constantly searching for emails, this means that it's opening and reloading your email app every few seconds. You won't see it as it's happening in the background. So, it may be stealing all of your battery without you even knowing.

If you want to save some battery, you should turn the automatic email searching off. You can always open the email app and refresh it for yourself if you're curious about the emails that you're getting.

Plus, who really needs to see each and every email the second that it comes in?

Only Get Notifications You Want | KEUTEK

Only Get Notifications You Want

Another secret battery drainer is push notifications. These are the banners that show up every time something happens in an app.

You may see that your friend played you in Words With Friends or you may have a text message. These kinds of notifications may be draining your battery.

So, we recommend only turning on push notifications for the things you really need to know about. Receiving a text message may be important, but it's unlikely that you need to know when the villagers in your game are done crafting something.

Whatever your preferences, it's important to keep the notifications to a minimum. Just focus on the things that are really time-sensitive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team gets a ton of questions about battery life and how to stop phones from dying. We've assembled these questions here and have the answers that you need.

Why Is My Screen Using So Much Battery?

It's not necessarily your screen causing the problem. You may have apps running in the background that are draining your battery. Or, you may have your screen on the highest brightness setting.

Does Keeping My Phone Plugged While I Use It Drain Battery Faster?

This is a myth. Your phone is a lot smarter than you think it is.

Even though the green charging symbol may be on, that doesn't mean that your phone is actually charging. It knows when to stop, whether you're using an at-home charger or a car charger.

This means that the battery will not become damaged.

However, one problem that can happen is overheating. If your phone overheats, your battery can become damaged by the temperature alone. So, just make sure that you aren't causing your phone to become too hot.

Why Is My Phone Battery Always Low?

After using our tips, your phone's battery shouldn't still be draining as fast as it once was. However, if you find that your battery is still poor, you may need to get it fixed.

Your battery may already be damaged from exposure to heat, water, or something else.

How Do I Know Which Apps Are Draining My Phone Battery?

There are a few ways to tell which apps could be making your phone die fast.

First, you can check the settings on your phone. Under the battery options, your phone may list the most energy-sucking apps. With this information, you can decide whether or not you'd like to keep these apps.

Your phone may also track which apps are running in the background. So, you could edit those settings to prevent background refreshes.

If your phone doesn't track this kind of information, you could get a battery-saving app. There are free options that can help you track down the reason that your phone is losing so much battery so quickly.

3A Fast Charging Cable + Wall Charger Bundle (+3 Tips) | KEUTEK

Fast Charging Cable + Wall Charger Bundle
Crafted for heavy everyday use. Fast charges all Apple and Android devices. Charges up to 50% from 0% in 20 minutes. Automatic shutoff protects your device from overcharging.

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Invest in High-Quality Phone Chargers

If you're dealing with phone battery issues, we highly recommend that you invest in a high-quality phone charger. Our phone chargers are fast so that you can get the quick charge that you need on the go.

So, if your dead phone keeps you stranded, you won't be stuck for long.

And, if you're looking for an entire phone package, we recommend our fast charging bundle. Whether you're at home or elsewhere, it will keep your phone's battery out of the red zone.

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