Does Fast Charging Reduce Battery Life?

Does Fast Charging Reduce Battery Life? - KEUTEK

We spend a lot of time charging our phones. If a phone takes four hours to charge and gets charged 500 times during its life, that equates to more than a month of your life spent waiting for your phone to charge up.

The good news is that battery technology is constantly evolving, and you no longer need to wait several hours for your phone to charge. Many modern phones can charge up to 70% in half a hour or less.

By making use of fast charging, also known as quick charging, you can get your battery percentage up in next to no time. Is it a good idea, however?

Read on to learn why quick charging is perfectly safe and won't reduce your battery life.

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What is Fast Charging?

Put simply, fast charging is simply battery charging that uses a higher level of power than standard chargers. These more powerful chargers allow your phone battery to charge up much more quickly.

Modern phones use lithium-ion batteries, and standard chargers are usually rated anywhere from 5 to 10 watts. Fast chargers are chargers that use more than 10 watts. Various brands offer fast chargers that deliver different amounts of power. Apple offers a 20 watt fast charger for example, while Samsung offers a 25-45 watt charger with their latest phones.

Is Quick Charging Bad For Your Battery?

The good news is that using a quick charger isn't going to damage the battery in your phone.

That's because the way your phone draws power is designed to keep your battery protected. If you use a fast charger, you may notice that your battery rockets up to about 70-80% charge, but then takes much longer to get the rest of the way.

This is because an empty battery is able to charge quickly without any issues, but the closer it gets to being full, the more stress fast charging can put on your battery. That's why manufacturers put measures in place to control the rate of charging so that when you're fast charging batteries you're getting the maximum speed boost for the minimum impact on your battery.

Does Fast Charging Reduce Phone Battery Life?

Fast changing won't cause a significant reduction to your battery life when compared to slow charging.

There are two big issues that can impact your battery life and battery capacity: charge cycles and heat. Every battery will degrade over time and only has a finite number of charge cycles after which it's not really up to the job. The more times you charge your phone, the closer you get to reaching this point. Regular charging and discharging will inevitably impact battery health.

The other issue is heat. That's why your phone will start limiting the power once you reach around 70% charge. By charging more slowly from 70% to fully charged, it reduces the amount of heat generated and helps to prolong the life of your battery. KEUTEK ProSeries chargers decrease conversion loss during charging and ensuring the charge is more efficient. When the charge is more efficient, less heat is produced, and when less heat is produced, a battery’s lifespan increases. So, KEUTEK fast charging is better for your device’s battery. ProSeries chargers are also best suited to manage the various energy requirements of today's most advanced smartphones.

So the difference in battery life whether you're using slow or fast charging should be negligible.

How To Maintain Your Battery Health

We'd all love our batteries to give us as much life as possible. There are some things you can do to try to maintain your battery health.

Keep Cool

As we've already seen, heat is one of the most common ways of impacting battery life. Not only that, but excess heat could also lead to you damaging your phone.

That's why you should always ensure that you don't let your phone overheat when it's charging. If it feels too hot, stop charging for a while and give your battery time to cool down.

Don't Use Your Phone When You're Charging

Keeping heat down when charging means trying not to use it when it's plugged in.

Your screen is a big generator of heat, and if you have your screen on at the same time as you're charging your phone, you're pouring additional heat into the mix.

Try to leave your screen off while you charge your phone.

Don't Drain to Zero

When your phone battery is completely empty, chemical reactions can occur which can impact its lifespan.

That's why it's important not to let your phone get all the way down to zero. Most phones will give you some kind of warning when your battery level is getting low, and some will switch into low power modes.

Ideally you should charge when you hit about 30% to keep your battery in peak condition.

Use a High Quality Cable

One of the best things you can do for your phone battery is ensure that you're always using a high-quality charging cable.

Ideally, you want to use a cable that's specifically designed for fast charging. These cables ensure the charge is more efficient by decreasing conversion loss during charging. This in turn means less heat is generated, keeping your battery safe from damage.

Use a High Quality Charger

A high-quality fast charging cable needs a high-quality fast charger.

The best fast chargers can offer 20W or more of power and include surge protection to keep your device protected.

A good fast charging power supply will also have adaptive technology so that the maximum output will be throttled depending on the device that is being charged.

ProSeries Fast Charging Cable + Wall Charger Bundle | KEUTEK

ProSeries Fast Charging Cable + Wall Charger Bundle
Fast charges all Apple and Android devices. Charges up to 50% from 0% in 20 minutes. Increases battery lifespan by producing less heat than standard chargers. Automatic shutoff protects your device from overcharging.

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