Disney+ is Here and People are Reliving Their Childhoods all Over Again - KEUTEK

Disney+ is Here and People are Reliving Their Childhoods all Over Again -  KEUTEK - KEUTEK

The Streaming War is on, and Disney has brought out the Big Guns.

Disney Mandalorian Streaming KEUTEK

Netflix's streaming services have become nearly as commonplace as the Kleenex, but there are other companies looking to disrupt their dominance. Media companies such as Apple, Hulu and HBO each have their own streaming services, but as of right now, Disney has made the biggest splash in the market since their Disney+ launch on November 12th. 


Classic Show Disney Plus KEUTEK

Disney+ targets a crowd of fans spanning generations with their show selections. Many people around the world grew up watching classic Disney videos such as The Lion King, and Aladdin, and all of Disney's classic videos are readily accessible on their platform. There a movies spanning decades and as far back as their earliest cartoons with Mickey Mouse, and other famous characters from our parents' childhoods. They have recently added disclaimers to the older cartoons that may have behaviors and opinions deemed acceptable during their times, but are no longer considered OK, in order to warn users about potentially offensive content as well. 


Exclusive Shows Disney+ Madalorian KEUTEK

Much like other streaming services, Disney has signed contracts with producers for exclusive access to studios content. The "dream team" that Disney has signed includes Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and of course, Disney's films and shows. They are even releasing multiple Disney+ only, original shows, such as The Mandalorian, which is currently taking the world by storm as one of the most popular shows out right now. People are falling in love with classics all over again, and are able to span the generational gap with new content and spin-offs from the original films and shows. There are also new shows being constantly created by Disney and its new affiliates for the platform and being released periodically, essentially allowing you to completely immerse yourself in everything Disney!


Netflix Avatar The Last Airbender

There is of course a heavy amount of competition in the streaming industry from other media giants. Netflix recognized the amount of influence on the market Disney has, and after the release of Disney+, beefed up their streaming services by partnering up with media channels as well. In their case, Netflix has signed with Nickelodeon in order to bring popular classic cartoons, new spin-offs, and more Netflix Original shows in order to compete. If you are a Rocket Power fan, this is great news, because the show is one of the many joining the Netflix roster. Avatar the Last Airbender is even getting its own live-action spin-off on the platform. The other major companies are not going to lie down easily either, with HBO still holding a strong position in the streaming market via their selection of TV shows and popular movies.  

What to Expect 

Streaming Platforms Netflix Disney+  KEUTEK

As the "Streaming War" continues to build and progress, we as consumers can expect to see a couple different things. The first is a price war, in that each streaming service must be able to offer their shows and movies at a price that will still garner subscriptions, yet stay profitable. Luckily, each service is relatively affordable, and none of these companies can afford to charge their subscribers much more than they do now, or they risk losing business to the others.

Another thing we can expect going forward, is great content. Each streaming service strives to be the very best in the market, and offer the best shows to their audiences. As each platform releases new shows, such as The Mandalorian on Disney+, others must follow suit in order to compete, such as Netflix and Avatar: The Last Airbender. All I can say is, grab some popcorn and get comfortable, because the viewing is about to get good! Happy viewing!

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