Netflix! It Took You Long Enough to Create This Feature

Netflix! It Took You Long Enough to Create This Feature - KEUTEK

Netflix Introduces Top 10 Feature

I don't know why this took Netflix so long to create, but I am glad that they finally did. I was always finding out about new shows on Netflix to watch from friends and family. This often resulted in me browsing through and watching sub-par movies and shows until I found something that really hooked me in. My continue watching list is packed full movies and shows that I started watching before getting bored and moving into something new.

The Top 10 feature from Netflix comes in the form of another row of movies and shows. This row is influenced based on what the most popular streams are in your country. This row has a slightly different look to it than the other rows, allowing you to easily distinguish it. The row will also change position according to how relevant the most popular streams are to movies and shows that you tend to watch. For example, if you watch a lot of documentaries and murder mysteries, but the Top 10 for the day is mostly Disney movies and chick-flicks, then it will likely appear further down on the page. You can also filter by category to see the Top 10 specifically for movies or T.V. shows. 

How is This Different Than the "Most Popular" Row?

There are a few key differences between the new Top 10 row in comparison to the Most Popular row. The first of these is the frequency with which it is updated. The Top 10 row is updated on a daily basis to keep the trends current. The algorithm is also said to be based more on the overall viewership of shows and less how they directly relate to the shows you generally watch. Most popular will show you the most popular shows in relation to what you have been watching recently. The Top 10 tab will give you the most popular shows regardless of what you normally watch. If they are not closely related to what you normally watch, then the row for "Top 10" will simply appear further down the page rather than towards the top. 

There was also some controversy over the "Most Popular" row with Netflix in the past. When it was introduced, it was seemingly filled with Netflix Originals and very few other movies and shows that were licensed from other networks. There is speculation behind this, but many think that this caused many of the other studios and networks to focus on entering the "streaming wars" with their own services, rather than trying to get viewership through Netflix. It is hoped that with the new algorithm, the content will be shown strictly based on daily popularity and not influenced by what network produced it. 

Easy to Identify Badges

The films that appear on the Top 10 list will also be easily recognizable when scrolling through other categories as well. On the upper-right hand corner of the video's cover image, a small red square will appear with white writing labeling it as "Top 10" for the day. This is there to help you determine what to watch if you are browsing by a specific category or recommendation without being in the actual Top 10 row.  

This may seem like a rudimentary feature that Netflix should have had long ago, but the digital streaming industry is still evolving. With competitors popping up faster than weeds, Netflix will have to get innovative to maintain their lead on the pack. We have already seen some competition over the past few years from streaming services such as HBO Go, Hulu and Sling, but it is getting more competitive. With new services such as Disney+, YouTube T.V. and Apple T.V., we are seeing some very large companies getting involved in the streaming industry. How will Netflix handle the competition? Only time will tell. 

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