You Need A Keutek Charging Cable Because Amps Matter

You Need A Keutek Charging Cable Because Amps Matter - KEUTEK

How Do Amps Affect Your Device Charging

When it comes to charging your electronic device, what do you think the most important part of the process is? How durable the cord is? The length of the cable? Where you plug it in at? The answer really depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a fast charge, then the box that you plug your cable into makes a big difference in your charge time. The amount of charge that goes to your device is determined in amps. Your charging cable and your charging box each have an amp rating.


Why You Need A Keutek Charging Cable - 3 Amp Wall Block

Typically, your cable will be a two or three amp cable. These both work pretty well, with a three amp being the optimal choice for a faster charge time. The charging boxes can be a little more tricky. Many of the boxes are only one amp. With these you will notice a slower than normal charge time. Typically the boxes that come with your devices are two amp which gives you a standard charge time. Three amp boxes are not as common due to being a newer technology than the original boxes. These, however, will reduce your charge time drastically.

A newer technology is now out that introduces five amp charging for mobile devices. This is great, as long as you have a newer style phone. Many of the batteries in older phones do not support 5 amp charging and will not charge faster than a three amp charge. If you do have a newer phone that supports this quick charging technology, you could get a full charge in as little as 20 minutes.


Why You Need A Keutek Charging Cable - 3 Amp Power Bank

So if you are looking to get the quickest charge possible, be sure to check the amp ratings on your cables and charging boxes. Get that last minute charge before going out for the night, or just top off your battery in the office. Having a quality box and cable can ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Or rather, juice for your buck. Check out our Keutek charging cable and box for the next step in charging your mobile device.

Keutek's 3 Amp Magnetic Charging Cable And USB Box

Looking at the Keutek magnetic charging cable, it has a durable design that supports three amp charging. The magnetic end piece also allows you to charge all of your devices with one cable. Simply get an attachment for each of your devices, and you can swap them out with just one hand. These attachments come in micro USB, Type C, and Apple Lightning chargers.


Why You Need A Keutek Charging Cable - Amps Matter

Keutek has also just announced a new charging block to add to go with their cables. This three amp charging block matches the capacity of the charging cable, giving you optimal charge time. When matching the two products, you can gain 80% charge in just 20 minutes. This works with most devices, so unlike the five amp chargers, you do not need the newest gadgets to use them to their full potential. Even better than just charging, the Keutek magnetic charging cable also doubles as a data sync cable. You can plug your phone or other device into your laptop to upload photos, download music, or create data backups. Yes, you can do this with cloud software as well, but you often have to pay for these services and they are less secure.

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