Coming Soon - A Wireless Portable Charger

Coming Soon - A Wireless Portable Charger - KEUTEK


KEUTEK Wireless Power Bank

You know that feeling when your phone is dying, but your on-the-go all day and don't have time to sit around and wait for it to charge? If you don't, then consider yourself lucky. Many times this happens though, causing you to either take precious time out of your day to charge your phone, or go without your phone for a while. We know this struggle and have found a solution. Introducing the KEUTEK fast charging wireless power bank. This portable power bank allows your to charge your phone on the go, either with wireless charging, or by simply plugging your phone into one of the two USB charging ports. 

This handy portable power bank has a sleek and compact design, allowing you to take it just about anywhere. It features a 10,000 mAh battery for multiple uses on each charge. Wireless capabilities allow you to charge your phone without the hassle of cords getting tangled. Even if your device is not compatible with wireless charging, there are 2 USB-A ports for plugging it in manually. The KEUTEK wireless power bank is rechargeable through a micro USB port on the front of the device, allowing you to use it over and over for years to come. The digital display interface gives you a reading of the battery percentage remaining in the power bank, so you have a heads up when it is getting low. It also has a handy light on the front of the device, allowing you to plug in the cables at night or in the dark with ease. This power bank measures just 5.5 inches long by 2.7 inches wide and .6 inches thick. This is pretty small for such a powerful device, making it easy to carry around and use. 

In addition to the micro-USB charging for the portable power bank, you can use one of our KEUTEK charging tips, allowing you to charge your power bank faster with our KEUTEK 3 amp cable and 3 amp charging brick. This allows you to maintain a universal charging cable for all of your devices. You can then also use the same cable on the go if you don't use the wireless charging for powering your phone from the power bank. 

This device is still in development as we are quality checking all aspects of the power bank. Release is expected in early 2020 after we confirm that the device meets our standards in terms of battery life, charging speed, safety features, and durability. Yes there are other power banks available on the market. Very few of them offer wireless charging and even fewer meet the quality standards that we have set here at KEUTEK. It is not our goal to be the first in the market with products, but rather to provide you with the best quality charging accessories for your phones and other devices. 

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