Understanding Quick, Super, Fast and Dash Charging

Understanding Quick, Super, Fast and Dash Charging - KEUTEK

The Difference Between Quick, Super, Fast and Dash Charging

When it comes to charging your phone, different companies use different terms to describe the charging capabilities of their phones. Samsung has their "Adaptive Fast Charge," OnePlus uses a "Fast Charge Delivery," and Motorola has their "Turbo Charge". Are these really all that different? The short answer is yes, but there is much more to it.


Understanding Quick, Super, Fast and Dash Charging - How Your Phone Charges - KEUTEK

How Does Your Phone Charge?

To understand how your phone charges, we first have to understand the components of the charging process. Starting with the power source, you have a power adapter such as a wall plug or USB block. Then you have your transfer source, the charging cable. Then you have the charging port, that draws the power and regulates the flow into the phone. This port is also related to the processor of the phone, which controls the information feedback from the port. Then you have the battery that stores the power. These all play a role in the charging speed of your device.

The battery plays a large role in how long the charge will last, but with the lithium ion batteries in almost all devices now, they are all capable of charging at a fast rate. The main factor as far as the phone goes is the charging port. With this, the processor also plays a role in charging. 


Understanding Quick, Super, Fast and Dash Charging - Processor And Charging Port - KEUTEK

The Processor and Charging Port

The charging port is the hardware that regulates the flow of power to the battery. In order to use a fast charging technology, you need to have a high quality charging port. Most newer phones come with these. These also have to work in tandem with the processor. The processor relays the information to and from the charging port. It reads the power coming in and regulates how much the battery can take at a time. One of the most popular for this is the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. This is one of the fastest processing units allowing "Quick Charge". Other companies use this "Quick Charge", add a few tweaks, and then give it their own name such as "Turbo Charge" or "Adaptive Charging". Having a premium processor, such as the Snapdragon, does not guarantee that your phone is compatible for faster charging, the charging port must also support this.


 Understanding Quick, Super, Fast and Dash Charging - 3 Amp Charging Cable - KEUTEK

KEUTEK'S 1M 3-Amp Charging Cable

The biggest reasons for slow charging with your devices are usually the cable and wall adapter that you use. An in depth article explaining this can be found here. The short explanation is that your wall adapter outputs a certain wattage based on volts and amps. Your cable can also only handle a certain amount of power through it. Most charging blocks will only give you 1-2 amps, with standard cables usually having a 2 amp rating. The Keutek 3 amp cable allows more power to flow to your device. You can combine this with our Fast-Charging 18 watt, 3 amp charging block to minimize the time it takes to charge your device. This combination will charge most phones in as little as 30 minutes. If your device is compatible with one of the fast charging technologies, your charging time could be even faster. 

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