Revolutionizing Your Charging Experience - Keutek Devices

Revolutionizing Your Charging Experience - Keutek Devices - KEUTEK

Important Aspects of Getting a New Phone Charger

There are a number of options to choose from when determining what will best charge your phone or mobile device. How do you know which options or combination of options will work best for your device. Charging speed is one of the most important factors. Knowing how to determine this charging speed is not always easy though. To determine this, it is first important to know the components and measurements of the charging process.


Revolutionizing Your Charging Experience - Watts Volts and Amps - KEUTEK

What You Need To Know About Charging

For starters, we need to define the components of charge. These are wattage, amperage, and voltage. 

Amperage: This defines the strength of an electrical current. This is the basis point of measuring how fast a device will charge.

Voltage: This is a unit of measurement for electrical current. This can be looked at as the amount of pressure that is pushing the current through. 

Wattage: This is the rate that energy is created or spent.

These can be tied together into a simple formula:

Wattage = Amps x Volts

Example: A phone charging at 2 amps and 5 volts is charging at 10 watts. 

How This Applies to Your Chargers

So when you look at charging your phone, there are three parts of the charging process to consider. The first is the specifications of your phone. Your phone will only charge as fast as the battery or charging port specs will allow. Once you know this, you know what to aim for in your charger.

Next you want to look at the specs of the charging cable. You want a cable that can handle a higher amperage. Most cable are adequate to handle a high enough charge for your device.

One of the biggest driving factors for how fast your device charges is the wall plug you use. The smaller, standard wall plugs are typically only rated for 5 volts x 1 amp giving you 5 watts. The larger charging blocks are usually 5 volts x 2 or 3 amp giving you 10-15 watts. An example of a larger block would be like what an iPad charger uses. Essentially if you charge your iPhone with your iPad charger you will charge it at 2-3 times the normal charge rate. 


Revolutionizing Your Charging Experience - KEUTEK

The Keutek Solution

At Keutek, we have developed a Fast-Charging wall block to help you increase your charging speed. This charging block can charge your device in as little as 30 minutes with a maximum 19.5 watts. The specs for the block are 3.6-6.5V / 3A, 6.5-9V / 2A, 9-12V / 1.5A. Combine this with our Keutek charging cable to ensure that you get the maximum amperage through to your phone, allowing for the fastest possible charge. You can find the product here.

Feel free to drop a comment below or message our support team with any questions.

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