Uber is Rolling Out New Features

Uber is Rolling Out New Features - KEUTEK

Ride share companies, Like Lyft and Uber, have been known to have their issues. Whether this be through safety concerns, communication errors, or simple account mistakes, things happen. These companies are actively seeking ways to make the ride share system easier to use. This equates to more drivers and more rides therefore more money for the company, thus making it a priority for them.

Just recently, Uber announced two new features to help make the ride share system operate efficiently. The first of these is a notification system for passengers that shows the progress of the driver so you know when and where to be ready for pickup. This notification system goes a step further as well. If you are in a large airport, or at a busy concert venue, the notifications are supposed to give you directions to get to a meeting point. This may include which direction to walk, a landmark to look for, or any number of easy to understand directions to help you navigate to your driver's vehicle. 

The second feature that Uber is implementing is an integration with Google Translate. This is to help make communications between you and your driver easier and more convenient. Before this new feature, the messaging would default to the driver's preferred language. This means that if your driver was an immigrant from France and his or her first language was French, if they were to text you while driving you, it would be in French regardless of whether or not you actually understand French. Now, drivers and passengers can click the option to translate a message, which will show the message in whatever language is selected as your preferred language in the settings. 

With ride share platforms, there is so much room for error in a system that is built around flexibility. There are no mandates requiring drivers to drive, they get to pick their own hours. This means that you are not guaranteed to have a ride, or have one within a reasonable amount of time if you request one. The same goes for drivers. If there is little demand, or too many drivers out, then they end up sitting stagnant and not making any money.

In addition, this is a popular option to get home for party-goes and people at the bars. When someone is intoxicated, and there are many cars around, the chances of them getting in the wrong car are quite high. Adding extra communication, and reducing any communication barriers are steps in helping to avoid this. With the many struggles that ride share companies are facing, seeing some positive light is definitely a good sign. 

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