The Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases On The Market

The Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases On The Market - KEUTEK

The Best Phone Cases for Your iPhone 11 Pro

The newest Apple products are here! After the Apple Event this September, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max hit the market by storm. With the release of these new products came a massive improvement in the camera systems in each phone. Personally, I like the iPhone 11 Pro the most, as it is still the same size as the iPhone X, but with an absolute beast of a camera. The hardware and software on this model are head and shoulders above the previous models, and provide the stunning performance we have become accustomed to. As everyone rushes to get their brand new phones, it is imperative to get a high quality case to protect this new investment.

  • The Kung Fu Grip Case

The Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases On The Market- Kung Fu Grip Case

This case from Smartish is designed to make sure you always have a solid grip on your new iPhone. It features small air pockets in the corners of your case as well. If you somehow drop your phone, these air pockets protect it like airbags. It also supports wireless charging, if that is what you prefer. The case itself is very sleek, and does not add to the bulk of the phone in a noticeable way.

  • Liquid Crystal by Spigen

The Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases On The Market- Spigen

The case from Spigen called Liquid Crystal is another fantastic choice. This case is flexible, durable, and strong. The button covers are flexible and work efficiently. With the raised edges, you do not have to worry about your camera or screen getting scratched, because they stay off from the surface you place it on. It also supports wireless charging, most cases do and should. One nice characteristic of this case is the fact that it is clear, and you can see the original color of your iPhone. Why pick a certain color of phone if you are just going to cover it up anyway? Even being a clear, single layer, this case offers great protection and functionality. Combined with a tempered glass screen protector, the Liquid Crystal by Spigen offers some of the best protection for your iPhone 11 Pro on the market.

  • Wooden Case by Kerf Case

The Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases On The Market- Kerf

Are you a woodsman? Or just a fan of wooden art? Kerf offers a case that is 100% made of wood, no plastic. These cases, while lacking in flexibility, are gorgeous! These cases also support Qi and wireless charging. They come in all sorts of wood types such as cherry, oak, maple, and more. The inside is lined with suede and the wooden buttons are all functionally moving. These handmade, American products make for a perfect gift this holiday season.

  • Bella Fino Edition Leather iPhone 11 Pro Case

The Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases On The Market- Bella Fino

Feeling like a classy businessperson? Pad and Quill has the perfect leather iPhone case for you! This luxurious, American leather case is also very functional as it has a built in wallet. The wallet portion holds 6 cards and some cash even. While many may assume your new leather case is going to be bulky and in the way, this is not the case. The opening for the camera is wide enough for it to work perfectly, and all of the other buttons and ports are easily accessible. One more unique and useful characteristics of this case is the interchangeable elastic strap that comes with it and snugly keeps it closed. The Bella Fino case supports wireless charging as well. This fine leather case gets better with time as it ages and breaks in as genuine leather should.

  • Leather Wallet Case by Mujjo

The Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases On The Market Leather Case Mujjo

Another luxurious, yet functional case is the Full Leather Wallet Case. This case comes in a blue colored leather and has a pocket on the back of it for your cards. It has a bit of a European flair to it, as it is a Dutch design that blends exceptionally well with any classy outfit you may have. The case itself is very durable and protects your phone well. The camera opening on the back is sleek and smooth, allowing for full function of your wide angle camera. The buttons are covered in genuine leather as well, allowing for easy use. Aesthetically, this case is beautiful and would make a fantastic Christmas or birthday gift. 

  • Impact Protection Case for iPhone 11 Pro

The Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases On The Market- Rugged

Are you worried that your high impact life might be too dangerous for your precious phone? Fear no more! The impact Protection Case by Catalyst is quite possibly the last case you will ever want. Think "tank", mixed with "sports car" and you will have a better idea about this case. The Impact Case can withstand falls from just under 10 feet, and still looks good. It supports wireless charging, and comes with a small lanyard for easy carrying as well. The mute toggle switch covered by a rotating knob not only looks sleek, but also works efficiently, as it should. Another nice feature of this case is the fact that the back of it is clear, so you can see your iPhone's original color. I highly recommend this military grade case for anyone who lives an active lifestyle that potentially could bring harm to their phone.

As you prepare to choose your next case for your phone, I hope you consider the points brought up in this article but also do your own due diligence. There are thousands upon thousands of options for phone cases online and in stores. Who knows where you will find your favorite case?

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