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Product Maintenance and Care: Keutek Magnetic Charging Cable

These are guidelines for how to properly maintain your Keutek magnetic charging cable. These are to ensure you get the most out of your charging cable and also to make sure you follow the guidelines for the warranty. The cleaner of a space you keep your charging cable in, the cleaner it will stay. This means that you will spend less time maintaining and cleaning it. The end is magnetic, so don't leave it laying on the ground. Stick it to your desk, headboard, table, or anything else that is magnetic to keep it clean and within easy reach.


Product Care - Magnetic Debris - KEUTEK

Magnetic Debris

For the metal ends of your components, it is common to accumulate debris due to the magnetic areas of them. We recommend cleaning these areas regularly, as an over-accumulation of metallic debris can result in a short circuit. Shorts circuits are explained further down on this page.


Product Care - Debris Removal - KEUTEK

Removing Debris

To remove this debris, begin by ensuring that your cable it not connected to a power source. Next use some tape or another sticky item to poke at the iron filings until they are removed. If this method is not working, there is another option. Begin by lighting a candle to heat up some wax. Pour some of this wax onto a sheet of wax paper. Allow the wax to cool enough that it is mold-able and tacky. Press this tacky glob of wax into the magnetic areas of your charger. Pull away and it should remove the iron filings. repeat this process with clean areas of the wax until the debris is removed. Do not pour the hot wax directly onto the magnetic pieces. Excessive heat will de-magnetize the ends.

NOTE: Many other websites encourage you to wipe away the magnetic filings with your fingers. I recommend avoiding this, as you can get iron splinters. The splinters may result in pain, discomfort, infection, or other side effects.


Product Care - Iron Splinter - KEUTEK

Short Circuits

Short circuits occur when a circuit diverts to a lower resistance path through a conductor. This is often unintentional, such as by accidentally crossing bare wires. This can occur in your Keutek magnetic charging cord as well. One of the ways that this happens is through metal debris getting caught in the magnetic ends, crossing the positive and negative paths. Another conducting component that can cause this is liquid. This is why you should never get your charging cable or connecting pieces wet. If they do get wet, remove them from all power sources and let them dry. Do not try using them again until they are completely dry, or you could damage you device, charging cable, or both.

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