Playstation 5 - What We Know

Playstation 5 - What We Know - KEUTEK

PlayStation 5 News : What We Know

The rumors are flying, and some have been confirmed! Sony will release the PlayStation 5 in 2020. After a long wait, gamers have uncovered some information on the upcoming gaming console and what powerful characteristics it will boast. This machine will be one of the most powerful consoles to ever hit the market and offer some an amazing entertainment experience. 

Ray Tracing 

PlayStation 5 KEUTEK Ray Tracing

This visual technology emulates the natural behavior of light in certain scenarios. This process requires a vast amount of computing power in order to render properly. Because of this, ray tracing is generally restricted to cinema, where they have the time to allow a single shot to render for a long time, as needed. The PS5 changes all of this. With more powerful processors, the new gaming system will be able to incorporate ray tracing into its games, making for some absolutely stunning visual quality. Consequentially, ray tracing offers better sound quality too, due to the processing power that can be devoted to it. 

Load Times

Loading Time PlayStation 5 KEUTEK

If you play video games, you are fully aware of loading time. This is when you sit and twiddle your thumbs, staring at a graphic, or rotating image while your video game loads up. Long loading times greatly reduces the enjoyment of the games themselves. The PlayStation 5 has the processing power to reduce load times for SpiderMan, from 15 seconds on PS4 Pro, to .8 seconds on the PS5. That is blazing fast!


PlayStation 5 KEUTEK Power Efficiency

For those who are worried about the amount of energy the PS5 takes up, fear not. Currently, the PS4 Pro takes up about 8.5W while in standby mode. The PlayStation 5 is rumored to be able to reduce its use to .5W while in standby mode. If one million PS4 users upgraded to the PS5 with this reduced usage, it could save the equivalent of one thousand regular US homes' energy use. 


PlayStation 5 KEUTEK Controller

The Dualshock controller is no more with the PS5. Sony is replacing the standard rumble that you are used to, with a more innovative haptic feedback. This new feature ensures a better immersion into the game. Depending on what game you are playing, the controller responds differently. For example, a car crashing into a wall during a racing game will feel different than getting tackled in Madden. The standard charger for these new controllers will be USB-C, which means you will be able to use your KEUTEK chargers for them as well!

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