Ever Wish There Was Just One Cable For Charging All of Your Devices

Ever Wish There Was Just One Cable For Charging All of Your Devices - KEUTEK

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Have you considered the idea of getting rid of all the messy cords tangled up in a drawer or box at home or in the office?

I know I sure have, all the time.

Well now it is possible to get rid of them. With the Keutek 3.0 magnetic charging cable, one cable can charge all of your Lightning, Micro USB, and USB Type C devices. Keutek is a U.S. based retailer that offers premium charging solutions at reasonable prices. Our multi use charging cables can replace the mess of cables you have lying around.

Keep one in your bedroom, one in your living room, and one at your office. The charging tip can stay in your phone, tablet or other device. This not only allows you to quickly connect with one hand, but also keeps debris from building up in your charging ports. 


Traveling for work? Going out of town for the holiday? Pack a little lighter on your next trip. Keutek's magnetic charging cables provide the speed and dependability needed on the go, for all of your devices in one simple cord. Now you don't have to shop around for a bunch of cords when they start to break. Our Keutek charging cables have a lifetime, worry-free warranty. Quit worrying WHICH cable fits WHAT device and get one that fits them ALL.

Choose from the bright Magma Red cable for easy visibility, or a sleek Carbon Black for a modern look. The magnetic end, as well as the attachments, are made from Neodymium magnets. These Neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets in the world.

Our chargers are more than just convenient. They also feature rapid charge technology. The cables have a 3 amp charging capability. When coupled with a 3 amp power block, you can charge your phone in as little as 20 minutes. Note that the charging block is necessary to use the rapid charge. Connecting to a regular charging block will still charge faster than a standard cord, but not at maximum production. You can find Keutek's 3 Amp charging block on our products page.

What are you waiting for? Get yours before they sell out again.

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