Magnetic Debris Removal For Your Keutek Charger

Magnetic Debris Removal For Your Keutek Charger - KEUTEK

How To Properly Remove Magnetic Debris From Your Keutek Device

When using your Keutek magnetic charging cable, it is likely that it will pick up some magnetic debris over time. It is important to remove this to prevent the debris from short circuiting your cable. The debris can also interfere with the charging of your devices. We do not recommend trying to use your fingers to remove the debris. These can get stuck in your finger and are likely not clean. This can lead to bacteria build up, soreness, and possibly infection.


Magnetic Debris Removal For Your Keutek Charger - Iron Filings- KEUTEK

How Does the Debris Get There?

Because of the magnetic ends, little pieces of magnetic debris are attracted to the end pieces of your cable. These can come from the ground, off of a table, in a garage, or from a variety of places. Sometimes something as simple as dropping your cable on to the carpet will cause it to pick up little metal pieces that a vacuum may have missed. It is best to avoid using your cable in areas that have a lot of metal debris such as shops where grinding, welding, and drilling are known to produce these particles. Often times dirt tracked in from your shoes can have metallic pieces from the ground in it as well.

How Do I Remove This Debris?

There are a couple methods you can use to remove this metallic debris from your charging cable.  The most effective method is to use candle wax. Start by unplugging your cable from the power source. Melt some candle wax and drip it onto a sheet of wax paper. Be careful not to burn yourself with this. As the wax starts to harden, fold the wax paper inwards and use it to form a glob with the wax. As the wax solidifies, you should be able to pick it up and form it. (It will still be warm)

Press the chunk of soft wax into the magnetic end of your charging cable, hold it for a second and pull it out. The magnetic pieces should come out with it. If some particles remain, do this again with a clean section of the wax until it is clean. NOTE: Do not pour the wax directly on the charging cable. The high heat can cause the magnets to lose strength.


Magnetic Debris Removal For Your Keutek Charger - Clean - KEUTEK


Another method is to use a soft bristled toothbrush. Lay down a piece of paper, a bag, or something else to catch the metal filings. Hold your cable with the magnetic end facing down over your surface. Use the toothbrush with the bristles facing up and lightly scrub the magnetic end. You should see some of the metal pieces falling onto the surface you have down to catch them. When finished, simply fold up your catching surface, throw it away, and begin using your charging. NOTE: Do this with a dry toothbrush. Moisture can damage or destroy your Keutek charging device.

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