Magnetic Chargers From Keutek - The New Wave

Magnetic Chargers From Keutek - The New Wave - KEUTEK

Magnetic Chargers are Here by Keutek - Best Chargers

Magnetic Chargers From KEUTEK

Today, having the most up to date technology and fashion is a central focus of a lot of people growing up. It can be hard to keep up with the trends, but definitely doable. Right now, technology is the big popular "wave" that everyone is getting involved with.  The new Apple products recently released have people in a frenzy, so I compiled a list of the best chargers for you and your phone, regardless of type. Remember, not all chargers are equal, even if they look similar.

Standard Apple Charger

Magnetic Chargers From KEUTEK The New Wave- Standard Charger

Every new iPhone comes with a charger in the box. This is the same charger that everyone has seen for last few years, with the lightning port. The standard iPhone charger is 12 watt/ 2.4 amp and takes a good while to charge your phone. They come in a standard white color, and a rubber wrap around the wire, unlike many braided third party chargers. Many times, people have to replace these charging cables because the end will fray and create a hazard. They do the job though, and if you don't need anything flashy or fancy, work just fine.

Today, Apple offers larger chargers that do boast a much faster charge time than the originals at 18 W, but of course, at a cost. If you have one of the newest phones, the larger charger is standard. Be aware of some third party manufacturers out there who emulate the way Apple makes their chargers look, but do not offer the same capabilities. These fake chargers can damage your phone, and are not recommended. I will address fake chargers later on in this article.


Magnetic Chargers From KEUTEK The New Wave- KEUTEK

Keutek is a U.S. based retail tech company that offers the "new wave" of chargers for a great price. These products are all high-quality braided cords that do not fray. They come with a magnetic attachment that you put directly into the charging port of your phone, and they stay there. All you have to do when you want to charge your phone is bring the cord end near the magnetic insert. Once nearby, the magnetic cord will snap snugly right to the adapter, instantly initiating a solid connection and fast charge.

These chargers come in multiple colors, lengths, and power levels. You never have to worry about fumbling with your charger with a Keutek, and they look great too! I enjoy the fact that I can plug it in to charge while I am using my other hand. It comes in handy when I am at work, in a hurry, or have my hands occupied with something else. If you lose a piece of your charger, getting a replacement is fast and easy too. Since you do not have to remove the charger every time you finish, it is hard to lose the adapters. As the company grows, they add the newest and best chargers for any phone type, so keep an eye out at

Other Third Party Chargers

Magnetic Chargers From KEUTEK The New Wave- Third Party Charger

If you lose your charger, fear not. All you have to do is stop by practically any gas station, truck stop, or convenience store. Almost certainly, you will be able to find a replacement charger for your lost one, but buyer beware. As mentioned before, not all chargers are created the same. You need to make sure you check your product before actually purchasing it from the store. A few important things to look at and consider before buying are: how many watts it delivers, what the cord is made of, and if it is a counterfeit product. If you buy a new charger with only 2.5 watts, charging your phone will take much longer than if you have the 5 or 10 watt charger. Over time, customers have gravitated toward braided chords because of their superior durability. I prefer them as well.

Fakes and Low Quality Products

Magnetic Chargers From KEUTEK The New Wave- Fake Chargers

Look out for fake products, too. Some manufacturers will skimp on their products in order to make more money, and sell a bad charger. One way to see if your new charger is genuine, it to look at the symbols on it. If they seem like they don't look quite right, it is possible they aren't. One of the most commonly forged logo is the CE logo for international standards. The manufacturer's label should be apparent and visible. If it is not present, you may have a bad charger. The length of your charging cord can negatively affect your charging time as well. If you have a 10 foot cord, your phone will charge slower than someone with the standard short cord.

Quality Counts

Magnetic Chargers From KEUTEK The New Wave- Quality Counts

Staying on top of the best and newest trends includes tech too. You got the new phone that was released, a new pop-cap, and case. You even went to get the tempered glass screen cover, so why not have the best charger out there? While your standard chargers do the job they are supposed to, Keutek is up with the new wave and has some of the most popular chargers out there.

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