iPhone 14: New Leak Reveals Apple’s Next Flagship

iPhone 14: New Leak Reveals Apple’s Next Flagship - KEUTEK

One of the upcoming iPhone releases will likely use a USB-C port instead of Apple's typical Lightning connector. This is a result of recent legislation in the EU. The change has a short deadline, but the iPhone 14 might skip the requirement entirely.

With all the iPhone 14 leaks right now, it'd be no surprise to find out sooner rather than later. There's plenty of information on the iPhone 14 design and models among the current Apple leaks.

iPhone 14 Release Date

September and October are always critical months for Apple. The iPhone 13, 11, and XS all launched in late November, with the 12 sitting as an exception in October.

Given the current world situation and no official confirmation, one might assume that the launch date for specific devices would change. However, the iPhone 14 Pro models are on schedule and already in test production, and it's safe to assume the standard models are on a similar course. So, you can expect the iPhone 14 to release sometime in September 2022, most likely a week after an official announcement.

iPhone 14 Design Changes

The iPhone 13 is a powerhouse, for sure. But the upcoming iPhone 14 is set to change the game completely.

The most noteworthy iPhone 14 leaks revolve around some of the design changes. Most hints toward significant changes come from images of case molds and screen protectors leaked on social media in China. These were commissioned by Apple, specifically for the upcoming release of the iPhone 14.

Color Options

There isn't much going around regarding iPhone 14 color options. One leak suggests that the iPhone 14 Pro will have dark purple as one choice. Some rumors mention other colors, which include:

  • Midnight (Black)
  • Starlight (White)
  • [Product] Red
  • Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Pink

The Pro and Pro Max are also apparently getting silver, graphite, and gold added to the mix. There's also a chance that users see Alpine Green and Sierra Blue.

Screen Size

There are quite a few details to cover here. First and foremost, the Pro and Pro Max iterations will have larger screens. Specifically, the 14 Pro will sit at 6.12", and the Pro Max will have an impressive 6.69". But, these differences don't aim to improve the user's experience with the display.

Instead, they stem from a necessary design change as, apparently, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models, at least, will have a pill and hole that will replace the traditional notch and narrow bezels. Others claim that these models will present one pinhole with no notch. But, the minimal size changes point more to a way to justify and implement a pill and hole and seem to make it more durable than the iPhone 13.

Additionally, an Apple Pay ad inadvertently verified this potential design change. While marketing teams can often throw off rumors with misleading imagery, Apple isn't known for doing so. And another rumor reaffirms the screen size changes and implementation of a pill and hole in the form of Touch ID.

ProMotion Capable Screens

Staying on the topic of screens, there are Apple leaks pointing to integrating Samsung panels on the Pro models. These would support a 120Hz dynamic refresh rate, while the standard models would get a 60Hz display from LG. All of them would be LPTO OLED, though.

Another rumor talks about the always-on display. It's currently a popular feature on Motorola devices. The feature on iPhone, however, would work differently.

The always-on display would leave the screen on at all times but at an extremely low brightness level. It's similar to the Apple Watch Series 5 setup and wouldn't have a strong impact on battery life. The idea behind this feature is to make it fast and easy to access notifications and some phone features at any time.

Even though this will likely be a part of an OS update, it's rumored that it will only show up on Pro models. Again, Apple is strongly pushing customers to opt for the higher-end versions of the iPhone 14.

Touch ID

There are talks of the return of Touch ID for the iPhone 14 models. This can come in two forms. First, Apple can remove the notch and implement a fingerprint sensor under the display for Touch ID. Alternatively, the design can return to a more traditional format, with a Touch ID sensor in the power button.

Skeptics argue that Apple wouldn't take "steps backward" and return to prior design choices, as it's in their nature to innovate. Bug, given the price hike and marketing style, they'd likely lean into whatever works better for the overall user experience.

The last time an iPhone had Touch ID was in 2017. So, if Apple were to revert this change, they'd be admitting that their commitment to Face ID was akin to a mistake. Again, convenience will most likely get the priority here, so it shouldn't be surprising if Touch ID is reinstated.

The most likely scenario is that the iPhone 14 will have Touch ID and Face ID simultaneously. So, users get the best of both worlds. This seems legitimate, considering Face ID is so evolved that it can even correctly identify users while they're wearing a mask.

No More Mini-Me

To only a few people's dismay, apparently, the iPhone mini will no longer see an appearance in the phone model. This is following reports that the iPhone mini saw a sharp decline in sales and isn't sustainable for the foreseeable future.

Instead, users will be able to pick from four models:

  • iPhone 14 (6.1" screen)
  • iPhone 14 Max (6.7" screen)
  • iPhone 14 Pro (6.1" screen)
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max (6.7" screen)

This change is considered confirmed thanks to leaked images of the case molds for the iPhone 14 lineup. However, the exact size of the displays is yet to be determined. As nobody knows what the bezels are going to look like exactly.

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iPhone 14 Camera

What's an iPhone without an exceptional camera, right? Well, the iPhone 14 models are set to receive some significant upgrades. That is, according to rumors and a few leaks.

The standard iterations will come with the dual-camera setup, while the Pro and Pro Max will ship with the triple camera design. However, there are some leaked documents that mention size differences when compared to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

Every millimeter counts when it comes to photography. So, given that the leaked content shows the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro max will have an extra millimeter of thickness for the camera, you can expect massive changes.

One rumor mentions implementing a standard wide camera with a 48MP sensor. This would significantly increase the quality of low-light shots while maintaining the default iPhone format after post-processing. Additionally, with this extra wiggle room, it's suggested that the Pro models will have 8K video capture capabilities.

The rear cameras aren't the only ones getting significant upgrades, though. The front camera adds autofocus and a much wider aperture to its belt. Some say the Pro front cameras will have a 20% increase in size compared to the iPhone 13 Pro.

Sadly, there's one rumor that people might have to put to rest. Previously, some claimed that the iPhone 14 lineup would come with a periscope lens that supported variable zoom. No leaks show this to be accurate, and skeptics say it'll show up on the iPhone 15 instead.

iPhone 14 Specifications

iPhone fans rejoice! Apple is apparently set on adding impressive internals to the iPhone 14 models. Users can expect improvements in battery life, processing power, and additional RAM and storage.

Before jumping into the specs, here's a quick look at the most likely iPhone 14 prices for each model:

  • iPhone 14 - $899
  • iPhone 14 Max - $980
  • iPhone 14 Pro - $1,099
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max - $1,199

Processing Power

The iPhone 14 will come with an A-series SoC, of course, and it'll likely be named the A16 processor, to follow the nomenclature of previous iterations. But, this new chip is a powerhouse.

It'll use the TSMC 3-nanometer manufacturing process, a format that can boost overall performance in various ways. There's some speculation, though, and some say the 5nm process is here to stay, as the manufacturing technique is quite tricky for large-scale use.

Sadly, even if the rumors are true about the powerful chip, only the Pro models would be set to receive it. In contrast, the standard models would get an A15 with only slight improvements. There's a trend here; Apple seems heavily set on pushing buyers into investing in the Pro models.

Battery Life

The iPhone 14 should see battery life improvements for two reasons, even though there are concerns regarding the charging cables. First, the 5G components are more efficient than previous models, requiring much less power to stay connected to a 5G network. This reduction in size leads to the second reason, which is more space for a larger battery.

While there are only rumors to run on regarding how many mAhs these phones will have, there are some leaked numbers. Apparently, the Pro will have a relatively large 3,200mAh battery, and the Pro Max will come with a 4,323mAh battery, slightly smaller than the 13 Pro Max.

However, given the improvements that should come with the new A-series SoC and OS, it seems that the iPhone 14 will manage to extend battery life beyond any current iPhones on the market. Bigger isn't always better, apparently.

As things stand, all of the iPhone 14 models will outperform their predecessors in terms of battery life. This means the iPhone 14 pro will go beyond the current iPhone 13 Pro's 11 and a half hours of typical use. The same would go for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, meaning it'll last longer than 12 and a half hours and support fast charging!


While a good CPU and graphics chipset is essential, no device can go far without enough RAM to back them up. Apple leaks suggest that all iPhone 14 models will see a 2GB jump from the 13. That is, the standard models will go from 4GB to 6GB of RAM, and the Pro and Pro Max models will go from 6GB to 8GB of RAM.

While some high-end Android devices boast more than 12GB of RAM, Apple knows its way around an efficient device. Users can expect top-notch performance, even with what some might consider lesser-than-optimal RAM capacity.


Apple seems ready to go above and beyond with storage space. Only recently, the company entered the TB territory with the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. It seems that it's ready to implement up to 2TB for the iPhone 14 models. Extra on-device storage capacity is a huge deal, considering the limitations that come with Apple Cloud.

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Plenty of iPhone 14 Leaks

As usual, with a new year comes a massive wave of excitement for Apple leaks and information on the latest iPhone release. So far, the broader community has managed to compile an enormous number of iPhone 14 leaks. In some cases, users found information on changes as small as 1mm, as is the case with the iPhone 14 pro leaks for its camera.

The iPhone 14 will bring a wide variety of changes with it, and the most noteworthy involves its specifications. The phone will see significant improvements in battery life. And, it'll have RAM, storage space, and CPU upgrades, unlike any jump from one model to the next in previous years.

It's sad to see the mini go, but its low sales figures show little to no interest from the userbase. The standard iteration will take its place, and the Max will be the second model on the ladder.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max cameras are also getting significant upgrades. iPhone's cameras are already recognized as some of the best in the industry, and Apple seems to want to keep it that way. Going from a 12MP sensor to a 48MP sensor is a significant step and should produce incredible results.

If you want to be ready for the iPhone 14, and prepare accordingly for potential changes to its charging port, consider browsing our fast charging products for some of the best charging cables on the market. You can find adaptable cables that let you use Lightning and USB-C-compatible plugs!

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