5G Data Connection - Coming To A Phone Near You

5G Data Connection - Coming To A Phone Near You - KEUTEK

Our Networks Are Improving : 5G Data

As new cellphones and smartphones hit the market, new levels of performance comes with them. Each time a new network comes out, new possibilities are unlocked. The first generation of networks allowed us to speak to each other, now the fifth generation allows for massive data transfers with incredible speed.

What is it?


5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks. It allows not only the traditional data transfers of the previous 4 generations of networks, but also the ability to connect machines, objects, and more. This brings amazing upload and download speeds, almost no lag or latency, and a more fluid user experience. 

What Does It Offer?

The 5G network has so much to offer. First and foremost, it boasts an enhanced mobile broadband. Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies benefit from the blazing speed and nearly non-existent lag. This is especially beneficial in a few different sectors, such as education and medicine, or the auto industry. Having such a strong data connection can allow someone to perform medical procedures from a remote location, or even teach over a wireless connection. Self-driving cars will also benefit from an unbroken connection and improved safety. 

Previous Networks

Development of Mobile Networks

There have been four network models previous to 5G. They are titled.. you guessed it.. 1G through 4G. The first generation of phone networks was the simplest and allowed for the delivery of analog voice signals. The 2G network was a slight improvement over this and facilitated the introduction of digital voice. 3G was when mobile data became mainstream, allowing users to send and receive data messages. 4G brought the main wave of having the world wide web on your smartphone. 5G expands on all of that by supporting a vast network of devices, and enhancing the broadband we have today. 


5G Network KEUTEK

5G has some unbelievable data transfer speeds. With current networks, upload and download speeds of 4-12Mbps. The 5G network can handle speeds near 20Gbps (Wow!) The new network expands into another spectrum such as the millimeter wave, allowing for such an increase in network capacity. In short, 5G is an immense improvement over the previous network capabilities, and we should be excited to see what it is capable of doing!


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