5 Ways to Charge Your New iPhone 12

5 Ways to Charge Your New iPhone 12 - KEUTEK

According to market analysts, Apple shipped a whopping 203.4 million iOS devices in 2020. They also project the new iPhone 12 lineup, with its 5G technology, to further boost sales this 2021.

As impressive as the latest iPhone 12 models are, they come shipped without a charging brick. They don't come with the EarPods, either.

Apple decided to strip these accessories in what the company says is a move to trim package waste. That's great and all, but it does mean you need alternative phone charging options for your new phone.

Don't worry, though, as several types of chargers work on the different iPhone 12 models. We compiled this comprehensive guide listing the top five, so be sure to read on.

1. Use an Older iPhone 11 Pro's Charging Brick

According to analysts, the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max accounted for 30% of US iPhone sales in the fourth quarter of 2019. If you bought one of these yourself, lucky you, as you got access to one of the biggest changes Apple made.

That's none other than the upgraded 18-watt USB-C brick charger. The 2019 iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max were the first models to come with this fast-charging wall plug.

Fortunately, the same plug can bring back 50% of the battery of other compatible iPhones in only half an hour. You can use it with the latest iPhone model that comes with a Lightning port. These include the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Do note that the 18-watt USB-C brick charger only came with the 2019 iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max models. Apple announced in October 2020 that it would stop shipping them with the wall plug. However, if you bought your older 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max before that, you can reuse its wall plug to juice up your new iPhone 12.

2. Get a USB-C Wall Plug

If you don't own a USB-C Apple wall plug, your next option is to buy a charging brick with a USB-C port. Apple sells them, too, for $19 a pop. While not exactly expensive, keep in mind that it's only a regular wall plug, supporting only USB-C.

So before you shell out $19 for that tiny piece of plastic, it’s best to explore your other more innovative options.

In the meantime, if you own a MacBook (2015 or later model), you can plug your iPhone 12 into its USB-C port. This will charge your phone, but at a far slower rate, as your phone will draw power from the Mac itself. You should only use this as a temporary fix; be sure to buy an appropriate charger ASAP.

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3. Invest in a Fast-Charging Cable Made for Multiple Devices

Most folks in the US own multiple connected devices, from smartphones to tablets. In fact, an earlier study reported that, on average, households in the US own 11 of such devices. Of these, seven come with screens, such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and TVs.

If your new iPhone 12 is just one of the many devices you own, it's time to invest in a multi-device fast-charging cable. This way, you'd only need one cable to charge almost all your digital devices.

When you buy a new cable, be sure to keep the following things in mind.

Lightning Charging Tip

Be sure the multi-device fast-charging cable you buy comes with a Lightning tip. This tip goes onto the side of the cable you plug into your iPhone 12.

Depending on the cable you buy, its other end may come with a USB-A tip. In this case, you only have to connect the cable's other end to a USB-A charging brick.

The Cable's Bend Tolerance

Whenever you buy any cable, be it for your phone or other devices, check the product's bend tolerance. This refers to how tolerant or resistant a cable is against bending before it gets kinked or damaged. It's typical to find this rating expressed in numbers, such as 1,000 times or so on.

The lower the bending tolerance of a cable, the faster it can break, fray, and stop working. By contrast, some of the highest quality cables can tolerate getting bent at least 20,000 times. This high tolerance is especially crucial if you plan to use the cable for multiple gadgets.

Charging Tip Compatible With Your Portable Charger

Portable chargers, also called power banks, are external, portable, and rechargeable batteries. They serve as a backup source of power for your devices that run out of juice. They can do this by storing power in their batteries, which they then transfer to a plugged-in device.

As such, you also need to recharge power banks for them to do their job. The greater the capacity (milliampere-hour or mAh), the more times it can charge your iPhone 12. However, this also means the portable charger would take more time to recharge itself.

The good news is that some of today's power banks support fast charging, too. Many of these rely on USB-C wall adapters to charge themselves up. As such, you'd want your multi-device fast charging cable to come with a USB-C charging tip, too.


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4. Pair Your Fast-Charging Cable With a Fast-Charging Wall Adapter

To make the most out of a top-shelf fast-charging cable, plug it into a compatible charging brick. This way, you get your phone charged from 0% to 50% in 20 minutes.

Those fast charging times apply not only to the iPhone 12 but to other fast-charging devices, too. So long as your cable comes with swappable charging tips, you can switch them out to charge other devices. A few examples of brands with speedy charging phones are Samsung, Google, Sony, LG, and Motorola.

Here are some pro tips to keep in mind when you shop for a fast charging wall adapter.

Product Safety Certification

One of the first things to look for in a wall adapter is a product safety certification, such as one from the ETL. ETL stands for Intertek's Electrical Testing Laboratories. Intertek, in turn, is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) in the US.

An ETL-certified phone charging brick means that it has passed stringent safety tests. For starters, it's essential for the product to have built-in protection charging hazards. These include protective features for overcharging, overheating, and excessive current flow.

Portable and International Compatibility

Did you know that there are at least 15 types of domestic electrical outlet plugs worldwide? Type A and B are most common in North America, while it's Type C in Asia. Aside from the difference in prongs, Type A and B also have lower voltage capabilities than Type C.

If you plug in a 100V to 127V Type A plug into a 220V to 240V Type C plug, it's going to fry your phone's internal parts. More than that, such incompatibility issues can result in fire hazards.

So, if you plan to travel outside of the US, buy an adapter with international voltage capability. It's also a smart idea to buy a lightweight, compact charging brick with a foldable plug.

Invest in a Charging Cable and Adapter Bundle

You can also buy a fast-charging cable bundled with a fast-charging wall plug. Such packaged deals usually cost less than if you buy the cable and the adapter separately.

Buying the charging cable and brick together also ensures they're compatible. This means you can be certain you'll get the fastest charging times possible.

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5. Upgrade to a Fast Wireless Charger

Wireless charging has been available in iPhones since the iPhone 8 model. With this feature, you only have to place your iPhone on top of the charging pad without connecting it to a cable. The charging pad itself is the device connected to a power outlet.

Do note that the wireless charging technology isn't just for iPhones. Many other smartphones and even tablets support wireless charging, too. These include devices from Google, Samsung, Sony, and LG, to name a few.

However, Apple markets a specific brand for its wireless charging feature. As you can imagine, they don't come cheap, especially as their makers designed them for Apple. So even if you can charge non-Apple devices on them, that doesn't mean it's safe for you to do so.

Besides, you can find a high-quality wireless charger for less that works not only on the iPhone 12. Top-of-the-line wireless charging pads can charge multiple devices 50% faster than regular chargers. The most innovative ones even automatically adjust the power based on the device.

Keep Your New iPhone 12 Juiced up With These Charging Solutions

As you can see, there's no need to worry that much about charging the new iPhone 12. You can reuse an iPhone 11 Pro's wall plug, buy a multi-device fast charger, or invest in a wireless option. If you've got a bit more budget, then consider getting both a fast charger and a wireless charging pad.

Regardless of your iPhone 12 charger preference, we have what you're looking for. Check out our extensive selection of fast-charging products for your newest Apple smartphone.

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