You're Ruining Your Phone and Don't Even Know it!

You're Ruining Your Phone and Don't Even Know it! - KEUTEK

How To Avoid Damaging Your Charging Port 

What are the most common issues with cell phones these days? I am sure broken screens are at the top of the list, probably followed by batteries that don't last long. Another major issue, however, is the charging port wearing out. This can cause your charger to fall out of your phone, lose connection, or ultimately stop working all together. At KEUTEK, we recognize this problem and have found a solution that may help. 

If you have ever had issues with the charging port on your phone, then you know that this can be a real burden. If you can't charge your phone, then you can't use it. Most people are lost without their phone: it is like a part of their body. Replacing the charging port can cost as much as $50 or more, and doing it yourself is not an easy task. I replaced the charging port in 3 of my phones. Each time it was one of the last pieces in the phone, meaning that to get to it, I had to pull out almost every other component first. The screen, battery, antenna, various ribbon cables and screws. Keeping track of these parts is difficult and can be hard to get all back together in the exact way that they were. What if there was an easier way to charge your phone without wearing out the charging port?

I know you are probably thinking, that the answer is wireless charging. This is a newer method that won't wear out your charging port, but it has its drawbacks. Wireless charging tends to be super slow. So slow that most people would rather just plug it in unless they don't need their phone for a few hours such as while sleeping. It is a good idea, but until the technology improves, it is not very efficient.

The better alternative is to use a KEUTEK magnetic charging cable. This cable  has a magnetic tip that stays in your phone. Then when you need to charge your phone, simply put the cord near the tip, and it snaps on with the magnets. This eliminates the hassle and damage from plugging and unplugging your device with a standard charging cord. Keeping this magnetic tip in your device also protects the charging port from debris and moisture. Even better is that each KEUTEK magnetic charging cable comes with 3 tips; Micro USB, USB Type C and Lightning (Apple products). This means you can use one cable to charge all of your devices: from your phone or earbuds, to game controllers and tablets. Get one for the office, one for your car, and a few to have around the house. Stop destroying your phone and upgrade to the 3 amp KEUTEK magnetic charging cable. For faster charging, also get the KEUTEK 3 amp charging brick for up to an 80% percent charge in as little as 30 minutes. 

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