Your Cellphone Battery - How To Make It Last

Your Cellphone Battery - How To Make It Last - KEUTEK

Extend And Preserve The Life Of Your Cell Battery With These Tips

Your personal cellphone is an important part of your every day life. It is important to take care of your phone's battery life and battery lifespan. By taking precautions and the proper steps charging your phone, you can make sure your phone battery stays healthy and lasts a long time. Today's batteries are high-performance lithium ion batteries, but they do deteriorate over time. Follow these tips and tricks to make sure your battery lives as long as possible.

  • Understand How Your Battery Degrades 

Your Cellphone Battery And How To Make It Last- KEUTEK

The batteries in our cellphones do not last forever. In fact, they don't even last as long as the hardware surrounding them. As time passes and they are continually used, batteries' maximum charge levels deplete. Most battery manufacturers agree that batteries lost around 20% of their "life", every 400 cycles. Some experts claim that the rate of decay is 20% per 100 cycles even. One cycle is when your battery depletes down to 0% and you charge it back up to 100% full. Two ways to slow down this decay are: using your phone more efficiently, and reducing the usage. 

  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures

How To Make Your Phone Battery Last KEUTEK

Our cellphones do not react well with extreme temperatures. Have you ever noticed that if you go to the beach and leave your phone out in the sun, it shows a warning symbol? This happens because the phone recognizes the presence of extreme temperatures and the stress brought onto the battery by them. Extreme cold has the same negative effect on your battery as well. Since batteries rely on chemical reactions to power your device, temperatures can change these reactions, and damage your phone. 

  • Long-term Storage

Your Cellphone Battery How To Make It Last Long Term

Are you planning on storing your phone for a while? While most people think it is best to charge it up fully before storage, that can actually damage your phone more. It is best practice to charge your battery up to 50% for storage. A full charge puts stress on a battery, as well as a fully drained battery. Since batteries are meant to be used, you can fully expect that your phone's battery will discharge a bit of its stored energy, even when not in use. If your long-term storage phone's battery needs a little juice for continued storage, just plug it up to your KEUTEK charger for a few minutes, until it is back to 50%. Once you have done this, you can put it back into storage. 

Regardless of if you use your phone a lot, or every once in a while, a healthy battery is important. Be mindful that you do not over charge your phone or run it down to zero. If you keep your phone's battery level between 20-80%, you should be just fine and have a long lasting battery. 

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