Xbox Elite 2 Controller - Get One Early

Xbox Elite 2 Controller - Get One Early - KEUTEK

Get An Xbox Elite 2 Controller Early! - Here's How

The new Xbox Elite 2 controllers come out November 4, and gamers are anxiously awaiting the release. This new controller has many new upgrades, and with a price tag at $180, who wouldn't want one for free and before the release? Turns out, all you need, is a little luck and some Taco Bell.

 Xbox Elite 2 Controller KEUTEK Joystick

The Elite 2 controllers are some sweet gadgets. They feature many upgrades from the original Elite controllers too: The thumbsticks now have option to adjust the tension on them for improved accuracy and precision. The front bumpers and triggers also got a redesign, and have quicker actions. 

Xbox Elite 2 Controller KEUTEK Backside

These controllers support bluetooth, providing a better connection with the Xbox and an improved gaming experience. For charging, they support USB-C chargers, which KEUTEK offers online for those looking for the most advanced chargers. The paddles on the Elite 2 will be able to be customized as well. 

Xbox Elite 2 Controller KEUTEK Taco Bell

So, how do you get your hands on one of these Elite 2 controllers with Taco Bell? Easy! All you have to do is buy a Double Chalupa Box to try and win it! The kicker: it comes as a bundle with a limited edition Xbox One, custom made for Taco Bell! 

Happy eating and good luck!

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