What Kind of Charger Does the iPhone 12 Use?

What Kind of Charger Does the iPhone 12 Use? - KEUTEK

You've just received your new iPhone 12. You peel back the plastic wrapping and lift the top. You move the instructions and find your new phone.

Behind it is the new USB-C to lightning cable. And, that's it. There's nothing else.

You scramble to look through the entire box over and over again. But, that's all there is.

How could this be? Where is the charging block? Where are the headphones?

And, what is this new charger?

It may come as a surprise, but this is what comes with the new iPhone 12. The new charger has changed everything. Keep reading to learn more.

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Will Any iPhone 12 Come With a Charger?

None of the iPhone 12 models will come with a charging block. However, each model will come with a charging cord.

It is also notable that there will also be no lightning EarPods as well. This is true for all of the iPhone 12 models/versions: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple is also removing the charging block and lightning EarPods from previous generations of iPhones: iPhone SE (second generation), iPhone XR, and iPhone 11.

What Accessories Come With the iPhone 12? | KEUTEK

What Accessories Come With the iPhone 12?

Along with its simple packaging, Apple has decided to simplify the inside of the iPhone package as well. The company is only including the following accessories:

  • Your new iPhone
  • A USB-C-to-Lightning cable
  • Documentation/instructions

Many people are surprised not to find the typical package from Apple. Along with these accessories, you'd typically find EarPods and a charging block. However, as we're going to explain, Apple has decided to step away from this delivery method.

With that in mind, you may need to supplement your iPhone 12 order or consider investing in charging equipment other than the new charging cord that you are given.

What Is the iPhone 12 Charger?

As we noted, the iPhone 12 comes with a USB-C-to-Lightning cable. This may sound strange as the iPhones previously worked with a USB-A-to-Lightning cable.

Overall, the iPhone 12 can charge via a lightning cable, Qi charger, or MagSafe charger.

However, because the iPhone 12 comes with a USB-C connector, you'll want to invest in a USB-C wall charger.

On the other hand, you could opt for a wireless charger for the iPhone. These charging pads are compatible with the iPhone 12 and other generations.

Why Did Apple Change Chargers?

Android made the switch to the USB-C chargers long ago. Since then, customers have been pushing Apple to make the same switch.

While Apple hasn't fully transitioned, they did make a big step with the USB-C-to-Lighting cable. Now, Apple users can enjoy the many benefits of the USB-C charger:

  • It is more powerful
  • It is more compact
  • It works whether you plug it in up or down
  • It is more flexible than previous renditions

Overall, the USB-C charging cable gives more power to its users. You'll be able to charge your phone to a fuller battery in a shorter amount of time.

Plus, there's less confusion about using the product. And, it's more durable than past models.

It's a win-win for the company and its customers.

Does the iPhone 12 Charge Faster With the New Charger?

The new USB-C-to-Lightning cable will charge your iPhone 12 faster than the previous cable would have. The phone can harness the power of the USB-C charger. This is one of the main reasons that Apple made the transition to these new chargers.

Does Apple Sell an iPhone 12 Charger?

Apple doesn't sell a specific charger for the iPhone 12. However, the company does sell chargers that work with the iPhone 12.

Other companies like KEUTEK sell chargers compatible with the iPhone 12 as well. Luckily, these chargers are completely safe for your iPhone 12, and they're cheaper than the chargers that Apple offers.

Does the Old Charger Work With the iPhone 12?

If you still have the old USB-A-to-Lightning charger from earlier generations, you can use these with your iPhone 12. However, Apple does warn that these chargers may not work as well as the newer chargers do.

However, this may not worry you if you're not worried about a fast charge.

What Kind of Charger Does a MagSafe Use?

Apple suggests that anyone who is using a MagSafe charger should use a 20W charging cable. With MagSafe's 15W charging output, this could increase the phone's charging power

However, a MagSafe charger does not beat the charging power of a USB-C charger, even when you use it with a 20W charging cable.

Why Is Apple Selling the iPhone 12 Without the Charging Block? | KEUTEK

Why Is Apple Selling the iPhone 12 Without the Charging Block?

There has been much speculation surrounding Apple's decision to remove the charging block and EarPods from its iPhone 12 packages. And, there are several theories on the subject.

The most popular hypothesis focuses on Apple's economic savings and its carbon footprint.

By not including the charger and EarPods, Apple can ship the phones in smaller boxes. Because the boxes are smaller, Apple can pack more boxes on shipping pallets. This means that Apple can send more iPhones per flight.

Consequently, Apple uses fewer airplanes. This reduces Apple's shipping bill as well as its overall carbon footprint.

This is one of many environmentally-friendly moves that Apple has made over the years. And, it's part of their plan to go carbon neutral.

For those of us who need charging blocks, the move may be inconvenient. But, it doesn't take much to order a separate block.

Plus, many experts have pointed out that there are plenty of Apple EarPods and power adaptors out there in the world. People have accumulated these items every time Apple released a new phone.

So, the company opted to remove the accessories to reduce the amount of technology that consumers could potentially waste.

Which Charger Is Best for the iPhone 12? | KEUTEK

Which Charger Is Best for the iPhone 12?

There are several different kinds of chargers that work for the iPhone 12. But, you're probably wanting to know which charger works the best.

The truth is that no single charger is better than the others. Some offer more wattage over time.

For example, Qi chargers offer 7.5W charging while MagSafe chargers offer 15W charging. But, the charging time between those wattages isn't enough to warrant choosing one over the other.

However, we should note that wireless chargers are slower than wired chargers. Those of us who charge our phones overnight may not notice the difference. But, people wanting a fast charge in the morning may notice that wired chargers are better for the iPhone 12.

Is the Charging Cable Apple Gives You the Best One for the iPhone 12?

While Apple's charging cord works with the iPhone 12, Apple's cords are notorious for lack of durability. So, many customers prefer looking through cables that other companies offer.

Here at Keutek, we recommend the fast charging bundle for any iPhone 12 user. Not only will it charge your iPhone 12. But, it can also charge several other devices.

Third-party cables like the cable in this set last much longer than cables like those that Apple offers.

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What Power Adapter Can I Use With the iPhone 12?

Since the iPhone 12 boxes come with a charging cable, many customers are left wondering what kind of power adapter/plug they need. If you're trying to get the fastest charge while using the new iPhone charging cord, you should invest in a powerful power adapter.

To get the most out of your adapter, we recommend using a 20W or 30W USB-C power adapter.

Previously, iPhones required only 18W. Now, technology is pushing for more energy and more charging ability.

It's also necessary to point out the balance between a 'cheap' deal and a 'cheap' product. You don't want to skimp on the cost of the product simply because you think that you'll save a few bucks.

In fact, investing in high-quality products could save you more money over time. Higher-quality products last longer. Therefore, you won't have to keep buying new products over and over again.

Do I Need a Power Adapter?

If you have another device that can charge your phone using a USB-C cable, you don't necessarily need to invest in a power adapter. In fact, you can charge your iPhone 12 with this new cord on your MacBook Pro, Windows laptop, or a similar device.

But, it can get exhausting if you have to pull out your laptop each time you need to charge your phone.

Some shoppers may find that charging their phones while working on their laptops is convenient. However, most consumers prefer being able to plug their phones directly into the wall via the new iPhone 12 charger.

Phone Charging for the iPhone 12

Whether you decide to invest in more charging equipment or not, our team at Keutek is here to help. We're standing by to answer any and all questions that you have about charging your iPhone 12 or any other phone.

Let us know how we can help today. We're sure that we can find you the best technology to go along with your brand new iPhone 12. And, it will be more durable than the typical equipment that comes with your new phone.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and shop our collection of fast charging products.

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