The Apps You Need This Christmas

The Apps You Need This Christmas - KEUTEK

With Christmas right around the corner, you need these apps!

It's that time of year! There is a chill in the air, Christmas music everywhere, and you are ready to see family and friends. As you search around for the best gifts and ideas for them, these apps are essential to picking the perfect ones. They might make your life much easier while you're at it, too!

The Christmas List

Best Christmas Apps KEUTEK

It can be very difficult to keep track of all of the people you want to buy gifts for this Christmas, much less keep to a specific budget. Luckily, with this app, you can do both! The Christmas List allows you to set budgets for each of your recipients, and quickly enter gifts for them. You can then keep track of them through a variety of ways, like which have been wrapped, shipped, and received. There is also a countdown feature for remaining shopping days before Christmas.

Christmas Countdown

Best Christmas App KEUTEK

For those who are huge Christmas fans and want to know EXACTLY how long it will be before Christmas arrives, enter the Christmas Countdown app. While a countdown app may seem super simple and mundane, but this one is different. You can break down the countdown down to days, hours, minutes, and even seconds or sleeps! Each profile can have a custom avatar as well, such as Santa, or an ice skater. You can also share the countdowns with your family and friends via social media. 

Santa Video Call and Tracker 

Best Christmas Apps KEUTEK

You may have children who are still young, and love Santa. For those wanting to give them the best and most realistic experience talking to him, you can use this app to set up a FaceTime call! While many other apps use a simple pre-recorded message, this one has the capability to be completely customized to your child. You can enter their name, favorite foods, colors, talents, and even whether they have been naughty or nice this year, for a very realistic encounter.  There is even a tracker to pinpoint where Santa is globally on his "delivery run"!

Christmas Radio

Best Christmas Apps

Love Christmas music? This app is perfect for you, then! Christmas Radio has over 80 unique music stations, you're sure to find your favorite songs from all over the world. This app is perfect for those hosting Christmas parties, but struggle with making playlists and curating music for others. While the free app has ads, you can sign up for the premium subscription without ads for just $1.99.  


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