Terminator 2019 - A.I. in Combat

Terminator 2019 - A.I. in Combat - KEUTEK

Is the Robot Takeover Here? A.I in combat- KEUTEK

War is hell. We all know that. We also know that as technology and computers become more and more advanced, so does warfare. In order to try to reduce the amount of lives lost in combat, engineers and military officials have spent years and years researching artificial intelligence and robots in combat. They have produced some absolutely mind-blowing results, too. 

Film Fun


Don't worry, robots are not taking over the world.. yet. While you may have seen the videos by people from companies such as Boston Dynamics, not all of those videos are real. Some people like to take film, modify it, and re-release it for entertainment purposes. While the skills many of these robots display are indeed impressive, and slightly scary, they are not capable of the incredible shooting and martial arts displays seen on the silver screen. They are also not self aware, which means they do not have thoughts, personalities, or the ability to make complex decisions. 

Crazy Possibilities


Currently, the military has some incredible robots being used for all sorts of missions. From drones, to facial identification, to bomb squads, robots have become more and more prevalent in war and combat. There are even some robots that are so specialized, it seems there would be no way to avoid them to stay alive. For example, there are miniature drones that can use facial recognition to find a target, then pinpoint a tiny explosion into their skull, rendering them deceased. The scariest part? They are TINY, nearly the size of a housefly, and come in hordes of thousands upon thousands. Not many ways around that. 

Fear Not


As scary as this information is, it can be reassuring as well. Having the technology to be able to recognize people, infiltrate areas, and deploy non-living "soldiers" can save lives too. This ultra-advanced technology can also be used in rescue missions, fires, searching for lost people, and more humanitarian missions. Who knows, maybe the facial recognition technology will be able to find someone who has been abducted, and is in potential danger. This could be especially effective in trying to help with Amber Alerts, and lost children. Having smart tech in the medical field could lead to advanced ways to detect disease, perform surgeries, and aide in recuperation as well. 

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