Take Your Man Cave To The Next Level

Take Your Man Cave To The Next Level - KEUTEK

Check Out These Man Cave Upgrades

If you are looking for some new additions to your man cave, then we have some ideas for you. From memorabilia display cases to kegerators and custom lighting, your man cave is yours to customize however you would like. Furniture, decoration, accessories and layout are all important pieces to get that look and feel you desire. Here are a few ideas to get your man cave closer to what you want.


Take Your Man Cave To The Next Level - Smart Home Device - KEUTEK

Smart Home Device

Having a smart home device such as an Amazon Echo or Google Home can make your life much easier. It can answer questions, set timers, play music and lots more. The best part is that it can connect to other devices so you can control them with your voice. Ask it to turn on your T.V., dim your lights, unlock the door so that your friends can get in, there are plenty of possibilities. You will need specific adapters or devices to use many of the features. 

An additional device, a smart home lock, will allow you to unlock the door from your phone or smart home device. It also allow you to see if you left the door open or unlocked. You can also see when people go in and out, or at least try to, so you know if people have been in your man cave without your permission. 


Take Your Man Cave To The Next Level - Kegerator - KEUTEK


If you are entertaining larger groups of friends, or just like beer, a kegerator is a must have for your man cave. Get a keg of your favorite beer, hook it up, set the temperature you desire and relax. Pour a perfectly chilled beer every time. You can even get a custom tap handle designed to represent your favorite team, a unique object, or something more sentimental. A friend of mine put an attachment on an antler from a deer he harvested and uses that as his tap handle. Feel free to get creative with this.


Take Your Man Cave To The Next Level - Magnetic Charging Cable - KEUTEK

Keutek Charging Cable

When you spend all of Sunday glued to your fantasy football league, watching every time the score changes, chances are your battery is going to run low on your phone. What is better than a handy charging cable that can attach to any of your friends phones? simply put the appropriate tip into the phone, and the cord connects magnetically. This prevents wearing out your charging port from having cables bend at weird angles. This is especially great is you have a couch or chair with USB ports in it. You won't even have to leave your seat to charge your phone, so you won't miss a second of the game. 


Take Your Man Cave To The Next Level - Mini Bar - KEUTEK

Mini Bar

If your man cave is not already equipped with a full bar, then a mini bar may be your next best option. You can custom build one or buy one that is already built. This provides the perfect station for mixing up cocktails, storing your glassware, and displaying your liquor collection. Customize this with LED lighting (Use your smart home device to control the lights) to draw attention and create an welcoming feel to the bar. 

Bonus addition, you can get a sidebar liquor dispenser to put on your mini bar. This devices has several hoses that connect to various liquor bottles. Each hose has a button that dispense from that hose. A spout extends from the device to put your glassware under. You could press a sequence of buttons and have a Long Island Iced Tea or a simple Manhattan made in seconds. 


Take Your Man Cave To The Next Level - Shadow Box - KEUTEK

Shadow Box

If you are a collector of sports memorabilia, then a shadow box is a must. This is really just another name for a display case that you can hang on your wall. This is a great way to display that autographed jersey you have or game ball from a big win. You can get these shadow boxes made with custom display lighting and plaques to describe what is in the box. You can use this box to display a variety of items to add some personal touch to you man cave. 

Any other must-haves for a man cave that you already have or want to get? Feel free to share them in the comments. 

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