KEUTEK Revolutionizes Charging Your Gaming Controllers

KEUTEK Revolutionizes Charging Your Gaming Controllers - KEUTEK

Game Changer: The KEUTEK Magnetic Charger

The newest gaming consoles on the market push competitive gaming to new levels every chance they can. These machines often cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, and people are willing to pay for them. The controllers for these consoles, such as Xbox and PlayStation, have also been upgraded over time. Today, most console controllers are rechargeable, and need a USB cord to charge them. It is time to upgrade the way you charger your controllers. Enter: KEUTEK magnetic chargers. High quality charges, solid connections, and ultra strong braided charging cables. 

In The Beginning..

KEUTEK Revolutionizes Charging Your Gaming Controllers- In The Beginning

When gaming consoles first started developing into what we know and love today, they had to go through an unbelievable amount of change. The "paddles" or controllers were a simple collection of buttons and/or a joystick. With the requirement of being constantly plugged in, these were not rechargeable. Wireless capability is a relatively new development in gaming controllers as well. Rechargeable controllers popped up in the past 15 years, too. This whole time, nobody has been able to create the perfect charging system for our controllers. From longer cords, to using a charging station, nothing has been convenient and fast. KEUTEK magnetic chargers change all of that. With the ability to charge your controller just by snapping the magnetic adapter into the front, you never have to worry about bulky charging stations again.

Today's Controllers and Chargers

KEUTEK Revolutionizes Charging Your Gaming Controllers- Today's Controllers And Chargers

Today, it is not uncommon to have rechargeable controllers. In fact, Xbox controllers have the ability to be plugged in for use, or with batteries. None of them come with a charging cord. PlayStation controllers are exclusively rechargeable, so they come with a standard charging cord. The problem with both of these is similar to the problems Apple users encounter. The cords do not last, and end up fraying. The length of the cords is problematic as well, being only a couple feet long. If you want to charge your controller, you might as well just plug it in overnight, while you sleep because of this. Playing in a dark room like many people like to do, makes it hard to find the charging port on your controller, too.

KEUTEK Magnetic Charger

KEUTEK Revolutionizes Charging Your Gaming Controllers- KEUTEK Magnetic Charger

The KEUTEK magnetic Charger is here to change the game. These chargers and cords work amazingly and snap in with such ease it seems almost lazy to use them. The process is simple: plug the magnetic USB adapter into the charging port of your controller. When you are ready to charge, simply bring the cord to within an inch or so of your controller, and it'll snap into place. Your KEUTEK charger then immediately charges your controller. Being of higher quality than the default wires, KEUTEK chargers offer a more efficient, rapid charging experience. Another great characteristic of these chargers is that you can use the same cord for all of your controllers, just grab one adapter for each!

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