iPhone or Android: Which is Better?

iPhone or Android: Which is Better? - KEUTEK

Android or iPhone: Which One is Right for You?

It seems like just about everybody that you ask has a preference on either Android or iPhone. This may come from past experiences, features, quality, or a plethora of other reasons. One of the biggest differences between the two are the options you have. iPhones are exclusive to Apple and all have a similar look and feel to them. Android is open to many companies to create phones, allowing for a variety of options, sizes, features and styles. Let's take a deeper look at some of the differences. 

Operating System

With iPhone, there is only one operating system. This OS is updated regularly, providing timely security patches as well as bug fixes. With Android, your experience with the operating system and updates may vary. Depending on the maker of your specific android model, updates can be much less frequent than iPhone, if updates ever come out. Many of the higher-end androids update more often, but some of the cheaper alternatives may never see an update. This has created security flaws in many Android devices allowing malware to infiltrate your device. iOS devices are not immune to this possibility, but it is much less likely. iPhone wins this category.

App Store vs. Google Play

When it comes to apps, there are two aspects that you can look at. Quantity or quality are the two competing levels in the app space. Google Play has significantly more apps than the App Store, over 1.5 times as many. For developers, Google Play is much easier to get an app approved for, but developing that app is not always easy. There are hundreds of different Android devices that the developer must consider when determining compatibility. This usually drives up the cost for developers. Many have now chosen to release exclusively on Apple, and only create for Google Play if it is successful on the App Store. The relaxed rules that Android has for creating an app on Google Play has also caused other issues. A while back, a fake WhatsApp was published on Google Play and accrued over a million downloads before it was caught. These issues do not happen on the App Store. iPhone wins this category. 

Battery Life

When it comes iPhones, battery life can prove to be inconsistent and frustrating. I have an iPhone X that was brand new about 2 years ago. I have never had an issue with the battery life, until the most recent iOS update. Now it seems like my battery only lasts half as long. This seems to be a common occurrence in Apple devices, where a patch is necessary to resolve the issue. Older models are often affected even more by this.

For Android devices, there is a much greater variance in battery lives. If you compare dollar to dollar, the premium Android devices that are more comparable to the iPhones will typically have a longer battery life. If you purchase a cheaper Android device, you may see a reduced battery life. Over all, Androids are known for having more reliable and longer lasting battery. Android wins this category. 

User Experience

The user experience for Android and Apple can vary greatly, depending on what you want out of your smart device. Apple is known for its simplicity and ease of use. This does limit how you can customize your phone, and restricts changes on many of the default apps. With Android, default apps can be changed, as well as a wide array of customization features. Apple focuses more on a higher quality experience and attention to detail whereas Android is flexible in letting you build the experience that best suits you, with a few more potential flaws in the process. There is no clear winner for this category, just personal preference. 

The Verdict?

When it comes to which phone is better, it really depends on what you want out of your phone. I switched from Android to Apple about 6 years ago and I have no intention of switching back anytime soon. I also know people who switched from Android to Apple to try it out and switched back within a week. There is no clear-cut winner. Try them both and see which fits your lifestyle and preferences best. Leave a comment as to which you prefer and why. 


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