Hey Apple, When Are You Gonna Fix Your Broken Chargers?

Hey Apple, When Are You Gonna Fix Your Broken Chargers? - KEUTEK

Dear Apple, We Could Use Some Better Chargers

It is no big secret that Apple's chargers suck. Whether it be for the iPhone, iPad, or the MacBook. The cheap cables tend to fray a break quite easily. This is a shame, because the hardware in the brand name product is truly superior to many other charging solutions. Like many others, I refuse to continue to repurchase a $20-$30 cable every couple months. A simple re-design of the ends of their cords could save a lot of trouble.


Hey Apple, When Are You Gonna Fix Your Broken Chargers - Frayed - KEUTEK

Apple is a great brand, don't get me wrong. I have an iPhone, an iPad, and plan on getting a MacBook in the near future. They have a way of creating demand for the newest products they create, even if they are very similar to their last model. Even the feel of their stores is unrivaled by their competition. They just have one major flaw in their charging cords.


Hey Apple, When Are You Gonna Fix Your Broken Chargers -Broken - KEUTEK

Apple is probably doing this intentionally. This cord probably costs them $2-$3 to make. By selling them at such a higher price, this improves their margin drastically. This is repeated with every cable you purchase, meaning more often in the cords that do not last very long. There are plenty of die-hard Apple fans who will only use Apple products, therefore they will keep paying these absurd prices. The company thrives from people like them. If you are one of those people, I wish you luck.

If you are like me, I would recommend purchasing a different cable. Not just any charging cable, because those $5 charging cables at the gas station probably won't last very long either. For less than $20 you can get a charging cable of good quality that will last a lot longer than the standard Apple charger. Researching the products and reading reviews are great ways to vet these products and find ones that are reliable.


Hey Apple, When Are You Gonna Fix Your Broken Chargers - KEUTEK

For example, the Keutek 3.0 magnetic charging cable has a stronger cable, reinforced with a braided coating and heavy duty connecting end to avoid frays and splits. It also has 3 amp charging capabilities to outperform standard charging connections. Just plug it into a 3 amp charging block, and connect it to your device and you can charge your phone in as little as 20 minutes.


Hey Apple, When Are You Gonna Fix Your Broken Chargers - MagSafe - KEUTEK

But let's get back to Apple. Although I do not have a MacBook yet, I have used them and have plenty of friends with them. These are said to be among the worst of the chargers that Apple makes. What is a laptop, or a Macbook for that matter? It is a portable computer, correct? Then shouldn't the cable be designed for portability as well? This means easy to pack into a bag and travel with. Well unfortunately, with the thin design of the cords, these too tend to fray and break like the iPhone charging cables. A MagSafe charger isn't really all that safe when the cables fray and expose wires is it? To put the icing on the cake, these chargers aren't $20-$30 like the iPhone chargers. Try $80 for any of their MacBook chargers.

So if I haven't already made this clear: Apple, you have some work to do. While there are some alternatives available, you are known for making great products. Why not do some to make the accessories just as good. I guess until then, I will keep using my Keutek 3.0 magnetic charging cable.


A loyal, but irritated customer.

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