Getting Started with KEUTEK: Best Practices

Getting Started with KEUTEK: Best Practices - KEUTEK

Welcome to KEUTEK!

Crafted for heavy everyday use, KEUTEK cables support fast charging on all devices including Apple, Android and many more. This guide will help you get the most from your KEUTEK purchase!

What's included?

Each KEUTEK cable comes with 1x Lightning, 1x Micro USB and 1x Type-C charging tip. Below is an example of each charging tip. The Lightning tip charges most Apple devices. The Type-C tip is used to charge newer Samsung/Android devices. The Micro USB tip, comes pre-attached to the cable and is used for older Android devices, Kindle, etc.

KEUTEK Charging Tips

To remove the pre-connected Micro USB charging tip, simply pull the charging tip off the cable end. The will open the cable to connect another tip.

What's the yellow plastic tool for?

The tips are made to snap in snug but still be removable with your fingers. There's also a small yellow plastic tool included with your KEUTEK magnetic charging cable. This handy little tool is designed as another option to help remove the charging tip from your device. To use this tool, simply wiggle the prongs between your charging tip and your device then push up. You can also use the magnetic strength of the cable to remove the charging tip from your device. To do this, connect the cable to the tip and pull straight out.


Should I leave the tip in my device?

Yes, we recommend leaving the charging tip in your device, even when not charging. This will protect your charging port from dust, lint and debris. This also helps protect the charging port from wear and stretching caused by the continuous push and pull of traditional charging cables.

Where do I put the extra tips I'm not using?

We include a small bag with each cable. We've received a lot of feedback that a place to store extra tips would be useful. We do have a durable keychain tip holder on the way to keep your tips handy at all times. Until those are available, these little bags will help give you have a place to store your extra tips.

Why won't my device fast charge?

Our chargers are adaptive and throttle 1, 2 or 3 amperes based on what your device tells our charger it can handle. If you're having trouble getting your device to fast charge, this typically means the connection is being interrupted by dust in the port causing the charger to default to a safe 1 ampere.

These steps can help you troubleshoot 99% of potential issues that may be causing an inconsistent charge.

  1. Check the end of the cable to see if the blue light is on. If the light is on, please move to step 2. If the cable light is not on, check that your power source is providing power to the cable. With a KEUTEK fast wall charger, check to make sure the light on the front of the charging brick is on. You can also try other charging cables to see if they receive power from the charging brick. If the charging brick has power, but the cable won't light up, please contact us.

  2. If the cable light is on but the device is still not charging properly, 99% of the time this issue is caused from dust in the charging port. Please remove the KEUTEK charging tip from your device and blow into the charging port (ideally with canned air) to make sure all dust is clear and you have a solid connection. Once the port is clear, we recommend leaving the KEUTEK tip in your device at all times - even when not charging. This will protect the charging port on your device from dust accumulation and wear associated with continuous push/pull of traditional cables.

  3. If your device still won't fast charge, please contact us.

Will KEUTEK cables work with any wall charger? 

Yes, our cables will work with any USB-A wall charger. However; in order to fast charge - the wall charger must be 3 amperes and support either Qualcomm Quick Charge (QC3) or Power Delivery (PD). To get the best performance and value, we do recommend our 3Amp Cable + 3Amp Wall Charger bundle:

More questions?

Your purchase includes support from our industry leading, KEUTEK Customer Care. Our highly trained staff can help with any questions or concerns you might have. They are ready to assist with troubleshooting, warranty claims, returns, and any other issues you might have. All of our products are backed by a 45-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.

We hope you've found this guide helpful! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to support by clicking here or emailing

Answers to common questions can also be found here:


  • Walt S

    I bought 2 cables and a charger for my iPhone & iPad.One cable worked flawlessly, however the other cable was defective no matter what charger or device I used it on. That being said, I contacted Customer service. Outstanding service and a new replacement sent out ASAP!
    Thanks so much Keutek!

  • will

    great product protects charging port. long lasting chagers and cables.

  • T Ward

    I first heard of magnetic chargers from an ad online. I searched and read reviews (Amazon) for days and always kept seeing those same words – “didn’t last long”.
    I’m glad I found Keutek! This has been the best charger I have ever had. Guys, spend the $ ! It’s worth it!!!

  • D Walkr

    I had a magnetic charging cable from a company overseas, it did not last long, and I did not want foreign product again, so I looked for a company in the USA that made magnetic charging cables. Keutek has lived up to my expectations greatly! I received my order very fast and product performs much better than foreign product. Thank you Keutek!

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