Getting Started With KEUTEK: Beginner's Guide and Troubleshooting

Getting Started With KEUTEK: Beginner's Guide and Troubleshooting

Welcome to KEUTEK!

This guide will help you get the most out of your KEUTEK products. Our products are designed for durability, longevity, and ease of use. If you have any questions or issues with your product, this guide will help you with these. You can also contact Customer Care 24/7 by email at or by phone M-F 10:00am-6:00pm at (800) 919-0233 with any questions, concerns or feedback that you may have.

What's included with your purchase?

Each KEUTEK cable comes includes 1x lightning, 1x micro-usb and 1x type-c charging tip. On the right side of our packaging, you'll see the Lightning tip for charging iOS devices from Apple. Below that is the Type C charging tip for many newer Samsung and Android devices. The Type C charging tip is the largest of the charging tips. The third charging tip, the Micro-USB tip, comes already attached to the cable. This tip is used for many Android devices, Kindle, etc. To use one of the other charging tips with the cable, simply pull the Micro USB tip off the cable with your fingertips and attach your desired tip to the cable end.

KEUTEK Charging Tips

There's a small yellow plastic tool included with your KEUTEK magnetic charging cable. This handy little tool is designed to help remove the charging tip from your device. To use this tool, simply wiggle the prongs between your charging tip and your device while leveraging the plastic tool. Another option is to simply use the magnetic strength of the cable to pull the charging tip from your device. To do this, connect the cable to the tip and pull straight out on it.

Note, we recommend you leave the charging tip in your device, even when not charging. This helps to protect your charging port from dust, lint and debris. This also helps protect the charging port from wear and stretching caused by the continuous push and pull of traditional charging cables. 

We've also include a small KEUTEK tip bag with each cable. We've received a lot of feedback that a place to store extra tips would be useful. We do have a durable keychain tip holder on the way to keep your tips handy at all times. Until those are available, these little bags will give you a place to store your extra tips. 

Last and most important, your purchase includes support from KEUTEK Customer Care. Our highly trained staff can help with any questions or concerns you might have. They can assist with warranty claims, returns, and any other issues you might have. All of our products are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and 12-month warranty. 

Fast charge not working? 

If you're having trouble getting your KEUTEK charging cable to fast charge, these steps can help you troubleshoot any potential issues that may be causing this.

  1. Check if the blue light is lit up on the magnetic end of the charging cable. If this is lit up, move on to step 2. If it's not lit up, check that your power source is working and providing power to the cable. With a KEUTEK fast charging wall charger, check to make sure the light on the front of the charging brick is on. You can also try other charging cables to see if they get power from the charging brick. If the brick has power, but the cable won't light up, please contact customer support.

  2. If the light on the end of the cable is on and the device is not charging properly, this could be caused by several reasons.
    • Have you cleaned the charging port on your device? To clean out your charging port, we recommend blowing this out, ideally with canned air. The SmartChip in our KEUTEK charging cables is adaptive to support 1, 2, or 3 amp charging depending on what the device can handle. If the connection is interrupted by debris in the charging port, our cables will default to a slow 1 amp charge or stop charging all together.
    • Check the magnetic end of the cable and the charging tip for magnetic debris. The magnets can pick up magnetic debris that may interfere with a proper connection. We recommend wiping the magnets with a soft, dry cloth to clear any debris. 
    • Did the cable or charging tip get wet at all? The SmartChip in each KEUTEK charging cable will shut down if it detects too much moisture. Always make sure that the charging cable and charging tips are completely dry before use. If the cable or charging tips become damaged from moisture, they may need to be replaced. Replacement charging tips can be purchased here: Charging Tips
    • What type of device are you trying to charge? Most devices on the market will fast charge with the 3 Amp output of our KEUTEK magnetic charging cables and KEUTEK fast charging wall charger. However, there are some devices such as most laptops, and the larger iPad Pro that require a 5 amp power source to charge efficiently. 

    If you need further assistance, please reach out to KEUTEK Customer Care at and we'll help you resolve any issue and determine a next proper course of action. 

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