Cell Phone Block 101: What Are Some Ways to Block My Cell Phone Number?

Cell Phone Block 101: What Are Some Ways to Block My Cell Phone Number? - KEUTEK

Are you looking to block others from seeing your phone number? Are you worried about them seeing and using this information? Are you trying to figure out how to make your information private while still being able to use your phone?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you need to keep reading. There are several ways to make sure that people can't see your phone number, even if you're the one calling them. Lucky for you, we're going to cover four different ways that you can go about making your number private.

Whether you're looking to private your phone number from a couple of people or everyone, we have the solution for both scenarios. So, if you're looking to become an expert on the subject, keep reading. We're going to go through multiple ways that you can block your cell phone number.

Keutek Cell Phone Blocking

1. Use a Burner App

The fastest and easiest way to ensure that your phone number isn't seen when you're calling someone is to use a burner app. These are the apps that let you make a second phone number for yourself.

Instead of using a cell phone provider's network to make calls, these apps use the Internet to connect. So, as long as you have Wi-Fi, you can make calls and send text messages without any problems.

Keep in mind that most of these applications cost money, so you have to be willing to put some cash to the side to handle the monthly payments.

Given that there are multiple burner applications, here are a few we suggest giving a try:

  • Google Voice - We highlight Google Voice first because it's free. It uses your existing phone's minutes and data to make calls and send text and audio messages. All you need is a Google account to get started and then you'll have a Google Voice number to use.
  • Burner - Burner is one of the most popular burner applications. You can forward every single call to the second number that the application gives you, so you don't have to worry about making your primary number private. Burner costs $5 per line per month but does offer a free seven-day trial to those of you who want to give it a try before committing.
  • Hushed - Hushed costs $2 per week and gives you 60 texts and 20 minutes of calling for that amount of time. You can also purchase a $5 monthly unlimited plan if you'd like to use the number more often than that.

Whether you use one of these three or another similar application, you (and your phone number) should be protected from anyone that you're calling. Plus, your number appears completely different on these apps, so you can call and text with a number that isn't even yours. Talk about privacy!

Keutek Phone Settings

2. Go Into Your Phone's Settings

If you have an Android or an Apple device, you should have a setting built into your phone that'll allow you to block your number from others. By doing this, your phone number with appear private for every single call you make.

We recommend going with this strategy if you're planning on blocking most or all calls coming to your current phone number. If you're only planning on making your number private for a select few calls, skip to number four.

Here's how to block your phone number if you have an Android phone:

  1. Open the 'Phone' app
  2. Open the 'Menu'
  3. Select 'Settings'
  4. Select 'Call Settings'
  5. Select 'Additional Settings'
  6. Click 'Caller ID'
  7. Click 'Hide Number'

Here's how to block your phone number if you have an Apple phone:

  1. Go to 'Settings'
  2. Click 'Phone'
  3. Select 'Show My Caller ID'
  4. Toggle the switch off

Note: If you have a phone plan with Verizon Wireless, you will not see these options. Verizon Wireless does not allow you to block your phone number. 

3. Have Your Carrier Block Your Number

If you're a Verizon Wireless customer or were not able to follow the instructions above for another reason, keep reading. Not every device works the same, but you should be able to talk to your carrier.

You can call '611' to speak with your carrier if you live in the United States. More likely than not, you'll be sent to a robot that will categorize you based on why you're calling. In this situation, tell the recording that you want to speak with 'technical support' or 'customer support.'

Ask whoever you end up talking to if they can make your line private. If you'd like all of the lines on your account to be private, you can request this as well.

Keep in mind that doing this will make your number private for every single call you make.

If you'd like to temporarily unblock your number, you must dial '*82' before the phone number that you want to call. This unblocks your number on a per-call basis.

4. Block Each Individual Call

If you'd rather block your phone number for certain calls, this may be the best option for you.

No matter what kind of phone you have or what plan you're with, all you have to do is dial '*67' before the phone number that you want to call. Even if you have a landline, this trick works.

There is no secret charge added to your account. This is completely free to do and is successful in hiding your number from the person on the other end.

The person or business that you're calling will see 'Blocked' or 'Private' on the other end.

Keep in mind that this works on a per-call basis, meaning that you would have to dial '*67' every single time you want your phone number to be private. However, this may be the best choice for those of you who only want to stay private for a few phone numbers.

More Privacy Measures With Cell Phone Block

If you're looking to have even more privacy with your phone number, you need to learn about the useful codes that have been built into all landlines and mobile phones. Even if you have an old flip phone, you can use these:

  • *57 - This extension allows you to trace where the number of the last call you received came from. This is extremely useful for those of you who may need to take legal action after receiving a call.
  • *60 - This extension prevents phone numbers that you choose from calling you. Instead of going through to your phone, these individuals will receive a recording that tells them that you're not taking calls at this time.
  • *80 - Disables *60, meaning that it allows people on your predetermined list to call you.
  • *67 - As we discussed, this extension blocks your phone number for the call that you're about to make. You must redial it before future calls to block your phone number for those calls as well. This extension is to be used on a per-call basis.
  • *82 - Disables *67, meaning that it allows your phone number to be visible to the caller again. Keep in mind that this only makes it visible to the caller you are currently calling.
  • *69 - This extension redials the last phone number that called you.
  • *70 - This extension places your current call on hold so that you can call someone else.
  • *72 - This extension allows you to forward your call to another phone number.
  • *77 - This extension allows you to block calls from anyone who has a private number.
  • *87 - Disables *77, meaning that it allows those with a private phone number to contact you.

If you're looking to use any of these codes, you need to make sure that you're dialing the extension before any phone number you type in.

For example, you may want to private your number for a quick phone call you're going to make to the number (123) 456-7890. On your phone, you would dial the following: *6-7-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0. Then, you would click the call button or wait until your phone automatically calls the number if you're on an older model.

Phone Safety

If you're looking to block your cell phone number, you're likely someone who values safety. A cell phone block is a great way to keep yourself and your phone number safe.

However, you may be wondering what another great phone safety technique is. Well, we believe that it's having secure and fast charging cables.

Hear us out.

There are so many safety problems with standard charging cables that you may not even know about. In fact, people have died from problems with their charging cables. Whether it be from fires or electrical issues, you never know when something could go south with your device.

That's why we urge you to find a reputable charging cable. Just like you're protecting your phone number, you should be protecting your physical phone.

That's where we come in. Here at Keutek, we make all kinds of chargers for all kinds of phones. If you're just getting started with your phone or you're looking for a charging upgrade, we recommend that you check out our fast charging bundle.

With our cell phone blocking tips and our charging products, your phone couldn't be safer.

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